Transport n travel between cities for family of 8 n 2 kids

Tips, cautions and bright ideas for keeping children safe and happy during travel in Turkey.
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Transport n travel between cities for family of 8 n 2 kids

Post by Ayesha.B » Thu Mar 14, 2013 10:02 pm


My family and I will be visiting Turkey in August. We are 8 adults and 2 kids (22m and 11m).
I would appreciate it if someone could please assist with the following queries:
We will be in Turkey for 10 days and plan to visit Istanbul, cappadocia, Antalya and pamukkale.
1. What mode of transport is recommended between cities considering we have 2small kids and taking into account that due to the fact we have limited days we are looking for a reliable mode of transport?
2. Are children allowed on the hot air balloon rides?
3. Is one day sufficient in Pamukkale?
4. In which areas should we reside whilst in Antalya and Pamukkale?
5. Is a Bosphorous cruise best done during the morning, day, late afternoon or evening?
6. Is a dat trip to Bursa recommended?

Thanking you in advance........Ayesha

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Re: Transport n travel between cities for family of 8 n 2 ki

Post by SwampeastMike » Mon Mar 25, 2013 7:24 pm

That's an ambitious travel schedule even without very young children ;) Almost crazy fast if those 10 days include a day essentially lost to travel to/from Turkey at each end.

By land, that is about a 2,200 km journey with a total transport time of at least 40 hours. Consequently using air travel as much as possible seems the only reasonable way for your tour. Fortunately in August you can find direct flights from Kayseri (Cappadocia) to Antalya--I am not sure however if they are daily. Here is a great website for searching for domestic flights in Turkey:

While I am not positive, I highly suspect that such young children would not be allowed on balloon rides for safety reasons. You are, after all, in an open basket ;) A good thing about the Cappadocia area is that it is very child-friendly as it is also very popular with Turkish families. Nearly all hotels will provide reasonable amounts of child care at no additional cost.

To save time in a highly ambitious schedule (and presuming you arrive and exit Turkey via Istanbul) I very much suggest that you IMMEDIATELY fly to Cappadocia upon arrival and reserve Istanbul until then end of your trip! Just make certain that you are flying in and out of the same Istanbul airport as there are two and they are literally on different continents connected by only two almost perpetually crowded bridges and some of the most snarled traffic in the world!

My rough itinerary suggestion:

Immediately fly Istanbul - Cappadocia. (Nevşehir airport has more convenient access, but flights are less frequent and usually more expensive than those to Kayseri).

Fly Kayseri - Antalya

Bus Antalya - Pamukkale (this will involve a transfer in Denizli). While a rental vehicle would most likely be quicker, given the size of vehicle needed for your group I would only consider if a member of your party is an experienced commercial driver.

Fly Denizli to Istanbul

Given the size of your group and your fast movement, I suggest that you pre-book all hotels and flights and arrange for private transportation to and from airports. Even better if you enlist the services of a Turkish travel agency so that everything including bus tickets and transfer to your Cappadocia area hotel is pre-arranged.

If the main purpose of your visit to Antalya is for some beach time, there are a huge number of seaside hotels of all sizes and prices.

For Pamukkale I would suggest a hotel as close as possible to the white cliffs.

I would not even consider any additional side trips like to Bursa!

While personal tastes vary, a late afternoon/twilight Bosporus cruise is very nice.


Sorry if I seem a bit stern, but without extremely careful planning I believe you are at risk of a holiday from hell with missed connections, excessive transport time, extremely cranky children and even arguments breaking out among the best of friends/family.

Again, I very highly suggest that you enlist the services of a good Turkish travel agency (those recommended here are a great place to start) where as much as possible is pre-arranged. With your good-sized group I believe you will find the cost of such to be not only very reasonable but a true bargain.

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