Tips, cautions and bright ideas for keeping children safe and happy during travel in Turkey.
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Hello every one,
I am about to travel to turkey with my family and I want to know if there is TRAIN TOUR CARDS still available in 2013? and can I use it in trains inside the cities, like there is train way in Istanbul, may I use it there ? or it mast be in the trains between the cities !?
As I was searching I discovered that there are several stations are closed, but I am not sure which one is it, the only one that I am sure about is Istanbul to ankara is closed! may you tell me the open ones ?
Is it comfortable for a family with 3 kids take train, because I've never taken a train before! I used to take plane usually!
So If you have any notes and tips you'll be so welcome to share it

Accept my regards and respects,

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