Trekking with Children in Turkey

Tips, cautions and bright ideas for keeping children safe and happy during travel in Turkey.
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Trekking with Children in Turkey

Post by mtbbart » Thu Jun 04, 2015 4:28 pm


We're coming to Turkey from 2n half of July until 1st half of August. We'd like to make a trek in the mountains during 3 to 4 days. These are the options we have :
1/ Lycian Way
2/ St Pauls Trail
3/ Ala Daglar - Taurus Mountains
4/ Kaçkar Mountains

Which region would you advise, considering :
- Our family is father, mother and 3 doughters (10, 8 & 8 years old)
- We want to make a hike of 3 to 5 days with limited luggage (no tent, no sleeping bags, no food & cooking material)
- We want to stay in local hotels or in home stay where we get an evening meal and breakfast
- Hikes from 4h to 6h maximum (500 to 800 height meters)
- Avoid the extreme heat and walk in forests or places with much shade or higher in the mountains

Thx for all feedbacks !

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Re: Trekking with Children in Turkey

Post by David Morgan » Thu Jun 04, 2015 11:40 pm

I'm not a hiker but I think that time of the year would be too hot for it. The Kaçkars are probably a bit cooler but I don't think they have the facilities you're looking for.

I think the only one that does have those facilities is the Lycian Way, but you're talking about mid 30s temperatures in Jul/Aug.

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Re: Trekking with Children in Turkey

Post by turkeytom » Sat Jun 06, 2015 8:37 am

David's advice sounds accurate to me. The Lycian Way is a wonderful trail, but it is not "a walk in the woods." Parts of it are roughish, and services are not always found.

You may want to consult Kate Clow's guidebook to the trail: ... anWay.html

Tom Brosnahan

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Re: Trekking with Children in Turkey

Post by ChrisBobs » Tue Jun 16, 2015 12:29 am

Some years ago, I walked with two fit women friends at the end of September, from the start of the Lycian Way at Olu Deniz to Kabak-carrying just essential water and lunch in day packs spending two nights at the bungalows at Faralya and Kabak, and getting our breakfast and dinners there. So three days is possible there. After that the trail goes high up from Kabak beach, to where you may have to camp- as Tom says check the book. BUT the temperatures were just right then, but for July no. I have walked once on the trail from Kayakoy down to Olu Deniz in July, a short 3 hrs and we all just lost too much fluids and salts as adults. Very risky for children?

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Re: Trekking with Children in Turkey

Post by SwampeastMike » Mon Jun 22, 2015 8:05 pm

I don't believe that any of your four options are viable as either the weather is too hot/humid (especially for children) i.e. Lycian Way and St. Paul's Trail or area too lacking in infrastructure i.e. much of the northern part of St. Paul's Trail, Kaçkars and Taurus (and likely more elevation change than you desire).

Mt. Ararat is a possibility, but only organized treks are allowed and it's a long way up...

Another possibility is the Phrygian Way While I did it driving, the main section I'm thinking of is north of Afyonkarahisar roughly between Döğer and Bayat. It will still be fairly hot (30C is the typical high temp in the area). If the trail does what I believe, there will be some reasonable climbs but nothing too long or too steep. There are a lot of villages in the area where I'm sure you can obtain some sort of accommodation.

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