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Biometric Passport Required!

Posted: Sat Mar 07, 2015 7:46 pm
by turkeytom
I received the following question:

Is the ordinary passport "non biometric" valid to enter Turkey or not ? I have been told that I have to travel before the 25th of March [2015] because the ordinary passports are going to be invalid by that date.

This question can only be answered by a Turkish government diplomatic office. I suggest that you contact the nearest Turkish consulate. Only they can give you an official answer.

On the Turkish Republic Ministry of Foreign Affairs I found this page (in Turkish) which states:

Makinede okunamayan eski tip pasaportlar Uluslararası seyahatlerde 24 Kasım 2015 tarihine kadar geçerli olacaklardır.

[According to the 1999 Chicago Convention and a decision by the ICAO] "Old-type non-machine-readable passports will continue to be valid for travel until 24 November 2015."

However, this does not confirm that Turkey may not limit the use of old-type passports *before* that date; so you really should contact a Turkish consulate for a definitive answer.

Tom Brosnahan