Women travellers and travel agencıes

Tips, comments and warnings for women traveling in Turkey.

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Women travellers and travel agencıes

Post by celbree » Fri May 16, 2008 12:40 pm

We are two women travelling alone in beautiful cappadocia, but unfortunately, our experince with travel agencies run by men has been a very disappointing experience!
We are staying at Kelebek Pension in Goreme which is a beautiful place and the female staff and the young male staff are lovely, but the men in management are rude and abnoxious and condescending, in particular Mustafa Turgut . We come from Australia and in our country, respect is earnt, not expected. Please let me explain waht happened!
The incidence we had was with Nese tours in Goreme . We had just returned from a long 3 day tour to Mt Nemrut and I was helping the bus driver by cleaning up some rubbish on the bus! I was about to put one on the tour brochures that had been on the floor of the bus for the last 3 days in the bag when Ahmet, the manager/owner of Nese tours rudely yelled: "Don't throw that away, I paid money for that!" I was stunned, I thought he was merely going to ask for the rubbish bag to throw away for me! My partner realised he was being rude and said:"Do not speak to her like that!" And Ahmet replied:"I will speak to her how I like!" You can imgain how angry and upset we were. We returned to Kelebek and the kind male staff asked Mustafa to call Nese tours on our behalf. Mustafa came back to us and proceeded to tell us off like little children that it was our fault for not booking through him (which by the way was nearly $500 australian dollars more for the same itinerary!). I said that's beside the point and knew that it was fruitless to expect any help from him. So we went back down to the agency ourselves. My partner proceeded to tell Ahmet that there was no excuse for his behaviour and he began to get very angry..to the extent of coming around the table to hit my partner, a woman! She said:"Just try, and the police will be here in a minute!" We wanted to get a refund for our bus transfer the next day because we didn't want to give him any more money. We did succeed in getting this refund and my partner left the agency, saying :"Can you believe that all this anger and upset over a brochure!"

I would greatly appreciate it if you could spread this message...an experience we would never like to repeat again!

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Re: Women travellers and travel agencıes

Post by davcamp » Tue May 20, 2008 4:27 pm

I am from Chicago...my wife is from Turkey.
Let me apologize for those mean men (since they will not) and say that they did not exhibit common Turkish hospitality. This is not usually the experience tourists have...still yet, you did not deserve to be mistreated.
I think the incident about the brochure was not really about a piece of paper but that those men either are dealing with deeper issues unknown to us, or, have a lack of personal character, or, both.

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Re: Women travellers and travel agencıes

Post by Alda » Fri May 15, 2009 6:19 pm

Oh !
That's a bad experience.Hope these will never happen again with someone else ...... :(

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