Living in Turkey

Tips, comments and warnings for women traveling in Turkey.

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Living in Turkey

Post by missmac » Wed Nov 19, 2008 7:58 am

Hello everyone!!

My name is Alicia and I will(hopefully) be moving to Ankara in August to teach English at a university. I am from the US and I am in my twenties. What advice do you have for a young woman living in Ankara? Dress codes? Nightlife? Social conduct, etc. Anything and everything I should know about Turkish culture before moving there.

Thank you very much!

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Re: Living in Turkey

Post by davcamp1 » Thu Nov 20, 2008 7:51 pm

Advise you to dress normal western clothes...just like NY, LA, Chicago.
For work...same as you would here teaching ESL or any classroom ( casual).
Weekends is same...jeans, sweatshirts in winter....jeans or capris pants, shorts ( not too short) in summer with T-shirts.

Ankara is a very modern will like it.

Dealing with opposite sex...same...use common sense - same as any US city:
Do not make long eye contact with strangers...but, do make good appropriate eye contact with those you do know as you engage in conversation.
Carefull to not confuse Turkkish-friendliness with romatic overtures...and vice-versa.
This is a fine line in this culture.

Suggest you read Author is Americam excavator in a villigae situation interacting with same/opposite sex. She also offers cultural insight with city men.

davcamp ... Guide.html

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Re: Living in Turkey

Post by carrie » Mon Nov 24, 2008 1:14 pm

I can just add that there are 2 great web sites that help out new Ex-pats to Turkey


also give them a try..

also a forum for expats;
Carrie Akkelle
Canada Hotel
Cirali / Olympos

my photo site;

Tosun Saral
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Re: Living in Turkey

Post by Tosun Saral » Tue Nov 25, 2008 10:57 am

I wish you good luck in my city Ankara. You will face many difficulties in means of different religion and habits. In the first days you will be confused, angry and lonely. If you dont bother with such problems you will be one of us. You will be very happy. You will love this country. This god-dammed country ( :D ) has a special charm, has a different attaction. It will be a unique adventure and life experience.

In the Uni you will meet people, students, first class academics and officials. Every Uni in Ankara have also a first class campus.There are 8-10 great Unis in Ankara.
In the Uni you will meet people like me and my family:

We like in Turkey stern looking teachers. The students at classes are differnt then students of USA. The students have great respect to teachers. If you be someone half american- half Turkish you will be succesful. You will learn how to behave in class in a short time.
Good luck
Don't die before visiting Turkey

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Re: Living in Turkey

Post by kworld » Thu Oct 29, 2009 6:01 pm

Tosun Saral wrote:
We like in Turkey stern looking teachers. The students at classes are differnt then students of USA. The students have great respect to teachers. If you be someone half american- half Turkish you will be succesful. You will learn how to behave in class in a short time.
Good luck
It is interesting to hear the differences in school conduct and what turkish students expect, as opposed to american students and schooling. I have heard though that teachers and teaching in general in europe is more strict, as opposed to the US. I don't know which is better in terms of education quality though..

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Re: Living in Turkey

Post by Tavsan » Mon Dec 21, 2009 11:57 pm

Turkey is like that "old postmodern saying" :) "Who I am is what I focus on and what I pay attention to." Turkey will become what you focus on and what you pay attention to. I have found it to be one of the richest, most wonderful places on this planet.

Ankara is a wow of a city, my favorite city. It is like any large city at times loud, noisy, etc. But Ankara can be so very very quiet in the early morning hours. That time is like a huge darkened billboard for peace and tranquility.

The people of Ankara are amazing. Kind, polite, and helpful. Of course not everyone is that way but a majority of the folks I have encountered are some of the nicest people you will ever meet.

Be as careful as you would be in any major US city. Use common sense and caution. My wife (who is from Ankara) has a rule on crowds, "If the Turks are standing around then by all means hang out there. If the Turks start running, you should too!" Note, the only time I have ever had to run was to catch a van that my wife was on and that I had missed.

Teaching is a bit different but not unlike the old rule of teaching, "It is always easier to start off tough and loosen up than it is to start off slack and tighten up." University students are much different than teaching children or adolescents there but I will let someone from Turkey weigh in on that point. I do know that teachers get a lot of respect in Turkish culture. Salaries aren't always great but the respect they have for educators is an attitude the US could certainly embrace again.

Dress as you would here. I do find it difficult to see people post tirades online about Turkey and how they were oggled and pursued by Turkish men only to post photos of themselves at the same time that shows them wearing grossly inappropriate clothing. Just dress fashionable and in good taste and you will do fine. One thing you will realize soon is that Turks know how to dress! They are quite chic and fashionable taking great pride in their sense of fashion. My wife is the fashionista of our household. When in doubt I always consult her and she has yet to fail in her consultations. She would attribute it to her Turkish sense of fashion that she acquired starting in her childhood. :lol: If you love fashion you are moving to an incredibly fashion-savvy place. Take the time to get to know the very best of Turkish fashion labels. Not to worry, the Turkish folks will take great care of you here too.

The universities in Ankara are second to none. I know you will enjoy being in Turkey but especially Ankara.

If you have any questions do know that you have posted in the right place because TTP is the #1 site for infomration on traveling to and living in Turkey. They individuals on the TTP boards are incredible resources. TTP has helped me numerous times over the years and that, along with the overall "coolness" of the people here, is what keeps me coming back again and again.

Have fun and enjoy the Gem of Anatolia~My Beloved Ankara!


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