İztuzu Beach, Dalyan, Turkey

No one can say that İztuzu Beach, 13 km from Dalyan on Turkey’s Mediterranean Coast (map), is undiscovered.

After all, loggerhead turtles (carretta carretta)discovered it eons ago.

But it’s so big and so distant from big cities that it never seems crowded. (More photos)

İztuzu Beach, Dalyan, Mediterranean Turkey
Plenty of room at İztuzu

If you want to get away from the madding crowds on the beach, just walk a few minutes farther west to your own little section of sand.

Minibuses and excursion boats run daily from Dalyan to the beach. I prefer the excursion boats (naturally).

I consider İztuzu to be one of Turkey’s best beaches.

—by Tom Brosnahan

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