Funny Stuff—Your Trip to Turkey

Last Updated on June 8, 2022

Looking at the world these days, how can you do anything but laugh? Take a Humor Holiday in Turkey:

Arrrgghhhh!! Pirates!
In peaceful Köyceğiz?!

Traditional Sunday Roast
London is to İskender kebap as Dalyan is to....?

Backwards Mermaid
What if mermaids were made...the other way?!

Everyone Looks Good in a Tiny Fez. ... What?
People who think up cheap novelty items must have strange dreams at night....

Istanbul Blue Jeans Shops
Hundreds of Istanbul shops produce their own designs and make up ersatz US brands to lend "authenticity" and import-chic to their products (just as US companies love to put foreign names on their products).

Various Weird Images
A streetcar named AladdinBody Deadner, etc.

Wacky Menus
Are you really gonna eat that spit?

A Sign For the Birds
The real significance of a "hole in the wall."

Sign Language
...the Secret Message

Alexander Returns
...and he's Returning with Yoğurt!

I Never Wrote This
...but I do like the döner kebap.

The License Plate
That explains why he's parked on the sidewalk.

What're You Lookin' At?

You're Gonna Cut Off His...What?
Boys in Turkey get dressed up for circumcision, but they don't really look like this.

Why the Pipe?
Mystery pipe issues from Istanbul sidewalk...

Excess Turizm
When simple tourism is just not enough, you need to go to Excess...

Red-Haired Rapunzel
Queen (or courtesan) of all she surveys in Istanbul's Hazzopulo Pasajı...

Self-insurance, a short history...


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