Tom Likes Hacıbey Döner Kebap

Last Updated on May 1, 2019

A roadside sign in Bursa, Turkey, some years ago:

I never actually wrote this and I’m not, as the sign says, Ingiliz (English). I’m American and what I wrote (in the 3rd edition of my Lonely Planet guide) was “An old favorite Bursa kebapçı is Hacıbey….”

Bursa kebap (or İskender Kebap) is döner kebap(slices of vertically spit-roasted lamb) laid on cubed flat bread and topped with browned butter and savory tomato sauce. I always have it when I’m in Bursa, often twice a day.

I do like the Adanur Hacıbey version, especially because of the “dab of smoky aubergine/eggplant on the side.”

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