Evil Eye Beads: Nazar Bonjuk

Last Updated on December 11, 2022

Nazar Bonjuk is a Turkish good-luck "evil eye" charm, born of the age-old "evil eye" superstition that one person can cast a spellon another. To prevent this, form millennia Anatolian artisans have created blue glass "eyes" that "look" straight back at the spell-caster as if to say "I see what you're doing, and you can't get away with it!"

The Nazar Bonjuk (nah-ZAHR bohn-jook) has no religious significance, and few people really believe in the evil eye superstition anymore. But it's such an enjoyable tradition, and a beautiful little piece of craft-art, that you'll see Nazar Bonjuks all over Turkey.

Especially on babies! No self-respecting Turkish parents, no matter how worldly or sophisticated, would allow their precious bundle of joy to spend an unguarded moment without a Nazar Bonjukpinned to its snuggly, sunsuit or diaper.

The Nazar Bonjuk is not just for kids. I once attended a posh formal dinner hosted by a Turkish-American association in a luxurious Manhattan hotel. The elegant ladies were all in long gowns, the men in sharp tuxedos. Sure enough, one graceful lady circulated through the well-dressed crowd during the cocktail hour pinning Nazar Bonjuks on frilly straps and satin lapels. Everyone must be well protected!

The best Nazar Bonjuk evil eye charms are hand-crafted of blown glass in Turkey, and appear in many shapes and sizes. You'll see them on sale in Turkish bazaars and handicraft shops.

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