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Last Updated on November 28, 2023

If you have a question or comment about the Turkey Travel Planner website or about travel in Turkey, please post it on TTP's Facebook page. We answer questions there, other Turkey travelers add their wisdom, and your question thus becomes a helpful source of information for travelers both present and future.

Here's how to advertise on TTP.

Please note: TurkeyTravelPlanner.com is not a travel agency or an airlineWe cannot make reservations for airline, hotel, car rental or any other travel services. For reservations, please contact one of our recommended travel agencies.

For private or sensitive information matters, you can contact us directly by email. Please follow these rules to assure that we get your message and answer it quickly:

1. Look/Search First: Please spend time looking through TurkeyTravelPlanner.com for the answer to your question. The Google Search Box at the top-right of this page is the best place to start. Travel Details has all the answers to those odd questions on visasfood and drinkgetting married in Turkeysafety, etc. You may find the answer to your question in seconds.

We won't answer your question individually if it is already answered on TTP. WeI'd rather spend time adding new information.

BUS INFO: all we know is what's already on TTP starting here. Please don't ask about specific bus routes. We wish we could help, but we don't have any more info than what is on TTP right now.

2. Meaningful Subject Line: If you do have a question that is not answered on TTP, we welcome it. Please write a meaningful"Subject" line with the word "Turkey" in it, and describe your question. We get a lot of junk email (don't we all) and this will help to assure that your message reachesus and doesn't end up in the Junk Mail file. Most messages without meaningful subject lines—especially messages with blank subject lines—end up in junk mail automatically.

3. Sign Your Name: We're real people. We like to know who we're corresponding with. It's a normal courtesy to sign a message. Most people do. We don't answer nameless messages.

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