Planning Your Turkey Trip

Last Updated on June 16, 2022

The professional travel agents recommended by TTP can arrange most travelers' trips, and the TTP Forums and TTP's Facebook page are great resources for person-to-person tips.

Itinerary Planning

My recommended travel agencies can help you plan a custom itinerary tailored exactly to your time, budget and preferences. (I cannot make any reservations or book any travel services for you as I am not licensed as a travel agent. My recommended travel agencies can make any travel arrangements you do not want to arrange for yourself).

Start Planning Early!

Turkey is the world's 6th most popular travel destination, so its travel services (hotels, flights, rental cars, tours, etc.) often fill to capacity in advance. Start your planning, and contact me, well in advance of your trip. I'm often traveling, and I may not be able to help you on short notice (such as a few weeks before your departure date).


Answer Questions

Here are examples of the kinds of questions a good travel agent can answer:

- What's a good itinerary for honeymooners?

- How can I trace my Sephardic roots?

- Is there a place sacred to the memory of Saint Thecla in Turkey?

- Are there any special considerations for a single woman of African/Asian heritage traveling in Turkey?

- Can we travel with our newborn baby in Turkey? What do we need to know?

- How can I get to meet pigeon-fanciers in Turkey?


—Tom Brosnahan



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