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Last Updated on February 2, 2023

Note: In summer 2018, the value of the Turkish lira dropped significantly versus major currencies. In late 2021, its value continued to decline quickly. Annual inflation in Turkey reached a two-decade high of 54.4% in February 2022. We have attempted to list all prices accurately on this page but be aware that prices have changed rapidly in recent years and continue to evolve to this day.

One of the first questions you might have while planning your trip is how much traveling in Turkey will cost.  Of course, how much you spend will vary greatly based upon the type of traveler you are and how luxurious of an experience you want to have. Staying at 5-star hotels, dining at top restaurants, getting around by plane, rental car and the occasional hot-air balloon flight or private yacht cruise will be considerably more costly than staying in hostels and taking charter buses. Rest assured, Turkey has plenty of options for every budget.

In generaltravel costs in Turkey are highest in Istanbul in AprilMay and SeptemberOctober; and at Turkish beach resorts in July and August; lowest in the small towns of eastern Turkey, and off-season (November through March). Find more information on when to visit Turkey in the Turkish Almanac.)

First, check the rate of exchange for your currency.

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As of Spring 2022, here are the current, estimated average costs for each of the following categories:


Below you’ll find the average costs of one-night stay on a weekend in July 2022.  Read more about hotel classes and types of accommodations in Turkey.

  • Luxury/specialty hotels: 5000-9000TL+ ($350-$615+) for the most luxurious of hotels.
  • 5-star hotels: 3000-5000 TL ($200-$340) per night at international chain hotels (İstanbul) 2000-3000TL ($130-200) in other cities such as Antalya & İzmir. 
  • 4-star hotels: 850-1500TL ($60-$100)
  • 3-star hotels: 400-800TL ($25-$55)
  • Budget:  250-600TL (less than $40)


Here are some example prices for other types of accommodations:

  • All-inclusive resort in Antalya: 2000TL+ per night ($135+)
  • Small villa rental with a pool in Çeşme: 2500TL+ per night ($170)
  • Cave hotel in Cappadocia: 850-3000TL+ per night ($60-240+)
  • Hostel near Pamukkale: around 500TL per night ($35)


There are many types of ways to get around Turkey.  For longer distances, taking a flights is generally recommended.  However, for those with more time, riding buses and trains and even taking  public transit can be a good option. In some regions where public transportation doesn’t come as frequently, using a rental car can be more practical. Find more information on transportation



Domestic flights on Turkish Airlines and its subsidiary Anadolu Jet tend to be more costly but offer a smoother experience. Other airlines such as Sun Express and Pegasus Airlines offer discount fares but you generally need to pay extra for meals or drinks, seat selection, and you should check the fare information carefully to determine the size and weight limits for checked and carry-on baggage. 

Here are sample one-way airfare costs in 2022:

İstanbul-Antalya: 490-700TL ($35-48)

İzmir-Kayseri: 429-698TL ($30-48)

Dalaman (Mediterranean region)- İstanbul: 460-650TL ($31-45)

İstanbul-Ankara: 420-508TL ($28-$35)


Intercity Bus Tickets:

İstanbul-Ankara: 110-250TL  ($7.50-17.13)

İzmir- Denizli (Pamukkale): 50-99TL ($3.40-6.70)

Ankara- Nevşehir (Cappadocia): 170TL ($11.65)

Antalya-Adana: 170-250TL ($11.65-$17.13)


Public Transportation:

İstanbul Metro: 7.67TL normal fare

İzmir Metro: 6.50TL starting fare with an additional 1.2 for transfer to bus/tram

Antalya tram: 6TL



İstanbul: 28TL minimum fare. Read more about avoiding taxi scams. 

İzmir: 20TL minimum fare, starting at 6TL. Airport to city center approximately 200TL. 

Antalya: starting at 6TL + 5TL/km. Min 20TL. A 15-20 minute ride is around 50-60TL.

Ankara: 20TL minimum fare


Rental Cars/ Petrol:

Renting from larger firms/international companies is more expensive but also provides more reliability.  There are many options when choosing a rental car

For an economic, manual transmission car, excluding petrol or additional insurance, with drop off in the same city as pick-up, you can expect to pay around 350TL-500TL per day.  For larger vehicles and an automatic transmission 550-900TL per day. However, prices increase as the date approaches and during peak tourist season

As of April 2022, petrol was approximately 19TL/liter which is roughly $4.90 per gallon. Also note that there are additional costs for rental cars in Turkey, including tolls for highways and bridges.

Private transfers: Another option is to just book a private transfer when going from the airport to your destination.  It can make for a more pleasant and smooth arrival and is affordable especially when traveling with a family or group. 


For the best prices and most updated information on the following tours, contact one of our trusted travel agencies by filling out the form at the bottom of the linked pages. Note that the cost will depend on the length and size of the tour as well as peak and off-peak season rates. Private guided tours and group tours are available. Learn more about why booking a tour is a great idea.

Whether you want to take a ride on a hot-air balloon flight or set sail on a private yacht cruise, there’s an adventure waiting for everyone. We also can connect you with our recommended guides if you are interested in a shopping tour, a one-day tour of Istanbul,  a 14-day tour of Turkey, or a customized tour based on your preferences.

Many Turkish travel companies such as hotels, car rental agencies, tour operators, etc., price their products and services in dollars or euros. You may need to request the price in Turkish lira as their exchange rate could vary compared to the daily bank rate. Find more information on converting euros and dollars to liras.


From street kebaps to elaborate traditional Turkish breakfast, eating is part of the experience of visiting Turkey.  Assuming your hotel does not include breakfast, you might spend the following:


Breakfast: 100-150TL/person for a large breakfast buffet with unlimited tea. Espresso-based drinks around 30TL.

Lunch: 25-50TL for a wrap or salad, 10-25TL for a drink

Dinner   50-150TL for a meat-based dish, 30-50TL for appetizers (meze), alcoholic beverages 30-100+.

Water: 5-10TL per day


This assumes dining at average quality restaurants.  Therefore, the average person might spend $20-35+/day.  However, after eating a large breakfast, you may find yourself opting instead to spend a few lira on some fresh fruit from the street markets instead of having lunch. 

Note that it’s generally not advisable to drink tap water. Some hotels will provide 1 free bottle per day.

About Turkish Money

In recent years, the value of the Turkish lira against the US dollar and the Euro has been favorable for travelers. 

Note that the New Turkish Lira notes (YTL: Yeni Türk Lirası), current from 2005 through 2008, have been withdrawn from circulation, and you should not accept them, though it is rare to encounter them. Accept only the “E9” series Turkish Lira bills/notes introduced in 2009, like the one below.  

Here’s information on counterfeit notes/bills in Turkey.


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