Flights to & in Turkey

Last Updated on August 26, 2023

Turkey is a budget-friendly choice for travelers around the world with many unique spots and rich history. Tourism is a big industry in Turkey, so many airlines provide service worldwide. There are 35 international airports, designed for the comfort of visitors worldwide.

Flights to Turkey

Turkish airports are well-developed for visitors all year round, and it is possible to find tickets from any major capital at any time of the year. However, it is advisable to use some methods rather than others. We will touch on this topic in the following sections.

Flights in Turkey

When you travel to Turkey, please remember that Turkey is a big country: 1700 km (1056 miles) from east to west if you travel by road, a trip of several days. But you can fly from Istanbul (west) to Erzurum (east) in about two hours for a one-way fare for quite cheap if you buy your ticket well in advance.

Best Time to Buy Plane Tickets in Turkey

Turkey's tourism season starts around early April and the most crowded times are between June and July. So, it is advisable to buy your tickets in the winter. Generally, the earlier you buy your ticket and reserve your hotel, the cheaper everything will likely be.

How to Buy Plane Tickets in Turkey

Because of the way international airfares are structured, it is usually far cheaper to purchase your Turkish domestic flight tickets on the Internet or within Turkey. Buying in advance through a good Turkish travel agency is also recommended, rather than in your home country.

A good Turkish travel agency can make your flight reservations for you and send you the electronic ticket info, usually at no charge. Here are our recommended travel agencies.

You can also go to your local international airport and buy your ticket there. Keep in mind it might be more expensive, rather than using the methods above.

Buying Cheap Tickets to Turkey

It's possible to buy low-cost tickets in English on the websites of AnadoluJet, Pegasus Airlines, Sun Express, Turkish Airlines, and several others. After buying your ticket online, you can print your e-ticket and use it at the airport.

Sun Express, a Turkish-German joint venture, flies from many European countries to Turkey, and within Turkey from Izmir's Adnan Menderes Airport to Adana, Antalya, Diyarbakır, Erzurum, Kayseri (for Cappadocia), Konya, Trabzon, and Van.

There are also several other ways to find cheap Turkey tickets online. However, as a general rule, keep in mind the farther in advance you buy your ticket, the cheaper your airplane ticket is likely to be.

Turkey's International Airports

Turkey has 35 international airports all around the country. However, most long-haul international flights land at Istanbul's main International Airport (IST), but Sabiha Gökçen Airport, on the Asian side of Istanbul, is the fastest-growing airport in Europe, so you may land there instead.

See our Major Airports in Turkey and Turkish City Airport Codes.

Amenities in International Airports in Turkey

Turkish airports are on par with European airports. You can find services such as ATMs, prayer rooms, first aid stations, and facilities for disabled passengers.

As well as currency exchange offices, a wide choice of food options from fast food outlets to sit-down restaurants, and several coffee shops and bars where travelers can relax before their flight.

There are also duty-free shops selling cosmetics, alcohol, tobacco, electronics, etc., various transportation services such as taxis, public buses, private shuttle services, and multiple multilingual information desks to help visitors with any problem they may face.

Transferring from the Airport to Your Hotel

When it comes to transferring from the airport to your hotel, you have several options.

You can take public transportation such as buses and even trams in some cities, which will be the cheapest option. Taking a cab is also another option for transferring between your destination and the airport. However, language barriers and taxi scams in Istanbul might be a concern.

Using a private transfer service is generally advised rather than spending your money and time on such options. If you have three or more people with luggage, it's definitely the way to go. You can learn more about the Best Airport Transfer Services here.

Keep in mind, especially in Istanbul, you may prefer a value-for-money private transfer service from either airport (Istanbul Airport or Sabiha Gökçen) to the city center because it's far superior to a taxi and not much more expensive.


Turkey is one of the number one destinations for tourism in the world. While many airlines provide flights to Turkey, researching and choosing the best option is always advisable. Turkish Airlines is one of the most popular options worldwide, providing quality service. Whatever option you choose, Turkey will be a money-to-value trip for you and your family.


What is the best airline to fly to Turkey?

It is advisable to choose the most experienced airline firm. Turkish Airlines, the official commercial airline of Turkey, has been in the industry for years. They have flights to most of the major cities in Turkey and worldwide. So, choosing Turkish Airlines will be the best option for traveling to Turkey.

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—by Tom Brosnahan, updated by Can Turan

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