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Last Updated on September 20, 2023

Travel Basics

Naturally, you will have many queries about the actual process of traveling to Turkey, from how to travel and when, to the little details such as health, children, and even insurance. Let's look at the most commonly searched topics:

Border Formalities and Turkish Visas

If you are from the EU, you will likely need a visa before traveling to Turkey. In the following articles, you can find an answer to all your questions about getting a tourist visa, work visa, customs, immigration, etc:

  1. How to Get a Turkish Visa
  2. Visa for Working in Turkey
  3. Turkish Customs Regulations

Health and Insurance in Turkey

Getting health and travel insurance is essential no matter where you travel in the world, and Turkey is no exception. Here are all the articles related to health and insurance in Turkey:

  1. Healthy Travels in Turkey
  2. Travel Insurance for Turkey
  3. Auto Insurance in Turkey
  4. Travel Baggage Insurance
  5. Travel Medical Insurance
  6. Trip Cancellation Insurance

Money and Currency in Turkey

Since the Turkish currency keeps fluctuating throughout the years, it naturally became another commonly searched topic when traveling to Turkey. Here are our articles aiming to answer your questions:

  1. Turkish Lira Exchange Rates
  2. Turkish Liras & Money in Turkey
  3. Turkish Lira (TL, TRL, TRY, YTL)
  4. Travel Costs & Prices in Turkey
  5. Credit Cards in Turkey
  6. Tipping in Turkey
  7. Counterfeit Money in Turkey
  8. ATMs/Cash Machines in Turkey

Lodging in Turkey

Lodging in Turkey is affordable, and hotels in this incredible country provide amazing services. Here are our articles related to accommodation in Turkey:

  1. Hotel Reservations in Turkey
  2. Turkish Hotel Room Users' Guide
  3. Best Hotels in Turkey

Transportation in/to Turkey

Turkey is a huge country with advanced infrastructure. There are many ways to travel around and to Turkey. Here are all the articles on the subject: 

  1. Travel & Transport in Turkey
  2. Cheap Flights/Airfares to Turkey
  3. Where to Rent a Car in Turkey
  4. Turkish State Railways in Turkey

Safety in Turkey

Another big superstition about traveling to Turkey is that it is unsafe. Turkey is among the world's most popular tourist destinations, and that would not be the case if that was true. Here are all the articles related to safety in Turkey:

  1. Is Turkey Safe? Is it Safe to Travel to Turkey?
  2. Street Crime in Turkey
  3. More Safety Information
  4. Safe Driving in Turkey
  5. Safety on Turkish Trains
  6. Earthquake Safety in Turkey

Women/Female Travelers in Turkey

Women travelers can have many worries considering the infamous reputation of the East. However, we can assure you Turkey is different. Here are all the topics for women travelers in Turkey:

  1. Women/Female Travelers-Turkey
  2. What Women Wear in Turkey
  3. Women in Turkish Society

Traveling with Family to Turkey

Families visiting Turkey may have concerns related to safety and traveling with a child. Here are some articles aimed to answer any inquiries you may have: 

  1. Travel to Turkey with Children
  2. Food Allergies in Turkey
  3. Is Turkey Safe? Is it Safe to Travel to Turkey?

Turkey's Regions, Maps & Climate

While it is not essential, learning about the geography and the climate of the country you will visit can be helpful. Here are all our related articles on the topic: 

  1. Turkey's Weather & Climate Regions
  2. Turkish Travel Almanac
  3. When to Travel in Turkey
  4. Maps of Turkey & Istanbul
  5. Map of Turkey's Regions & Cities
  6. Maps of Istanbul Region, Turkey
  7. Istanbul Metro, Tram & Train Map
  8. Turkish Time Zones
  9. What to Wear & Pack in Turkey

Shopping in Turkey

While you might not expect it, Turkey is really popular when it comes to affordable prices and quality products. Many people just visit Turkey to shop at affordable prices:

  1. Shopping in Turkey & What to Buy
  2. Shopping & Bargaining in Turkey
  3. Turkish Antiquities Warning!
  4. Tipping in Turkey

Food in Turkey


Communication is a key aspect when it comes to having a pleasant holiday. Let's have a look at the standards of communication in Turkey:

  1. Phones, Wifi & Internet in Turkey
  2. Wifi & Internet Access in Turkey
  3. Virtual Private Networks (VPN) for Travel
  4. Turkish Language Guide
  5. Turkish Pronunciation Guide
  6. Turkish Grammar

Cultural Insights

Turkey has a long history and rich culture. While it can be difficult to grasp Turkish culture, it boils down to three principles: be kind, helpful, and truthful to other people. 

Let's look at the wonders of Turkish culture and related articles we have:

Turkish Culture and Customs

While Turkey has a rich and long list of customs and cultural beliefs, some articles cover the topic. Keep in mind this is only the tip of the iceberg:

  1. Turkish Culture & Customs
  2. The Turkish Bath (Hamam)
  3. Nargile (Turkish Water Pipe)
  4. Evil Eye Beads: Nazar Bonjuk
  5. Turkish Toilets

Religion in Turkey

Turkey is a multi-religious country with a diverse population and belief systems. Let's look at the religion in Turkey:

  1. Religion & Islam in Turkey
  2. Jewish Sites in Turkey

History of Turkey

While Turkey has a rich culture, it has an even longer history, stretching over 4000 years! Let's begin:

  1. History of Anatolia & Turkey
  2. The Hittites in Turkey
  3. Seljuk (Selçuklu) Turks in Turkey
  4. The Ottoman (Turkish) Empire
  5. History of the Turkish Republic

Turkish Architecture

Turkish architecture is influenced heavily by many empires: Ottoman, Greek, Roman, Seljuk, and more. You can always expect to be amazed in this original country: 

  1. Architecture in Turkey
  2. Ottoman Turkish Architecture
  3. Seljuk Turkish Architecture
  4. Seljuk Turkish Caravanserais

Turkish Media

You may not believe it, but Turkey has a genuinely popular media consumed by many countries in the East. Let's have a look at some media introducing Turkey:

  1. Books, Films, Mags & Links
  2. Fiction/Novels: Istanbul & Turkey

Marriage in Turkey

Another highly searched topic is marriage in Turkey. Turks are famous for their high family values and marriage traditions:

  1. Marriage/Wedding in Turkey
  2. Marriage Law in Turkey
  3. Your Honeymoon in Turkey

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