Is Turkey Safe? Is it Safe to Travel to Turkey in 2022?

Last Updated on December 7, 2022

Is it safe to travel in Turkey?

Most travelers comment on the friendliness and hospitality of the Turkish people. It really is exceptional.

Turkey is not only friendly, it is, in many ways, as safe as Europe and North America, although no place is completely safe. Here are some travel danger statistics to put things in perspective.

Here are answers to the question Is it Safe to Travel in Turkey Now?

Even though Turkey is relatively safe, the only crime-free place is heaven, so here are things to watch:

Single Male Travelers

Single male travelers should beware two particular robberies aimed at them: "Let's Have a Drink" and "New Traveling Companions," one of which even happens on trainsMore...

Street Crime

Statistically, you are 7-9 times safer in Turkey over the US. Compared to Turkey, violent crime is 78% worse in the US, with total crimes (per 1000 people) being 9X worse in the US over Turkey.  There is crime growth in the big cities (AnkaraIstanbulİzmir) so defense is the same anywhere: wear your purse/bag strap over your chest (not just dangling from your shoulder) and hold your bag close. More...

Mugging (robbery) and rape are rare, but they do happen, so observe the normal travel precautions. More...

Women travelers should be sensitive to local customs and attitudes. More...


It's everyone's worry these days. Statistically, it is not much of a danger at all (compared to such real big-time killers as traffic accidents), but it makes headlines, so we're frightened. More...

You must answer this question to fit your personal tolerance for risk. If you believe the statistics and look at it rationally, you'll probably go. If you're going to worry about safety a lot while you're there, the worry may make your trip less pleasant, and so you probably shouldn't go.

Many governments post detailed security notices on the Internet. These are useful reading if you are concerned about safety when you travel:

- US Department of State's Consular Information Sheet

- UK Foreign & Commowealth Office

- Canada Department of Foreign Affairs

- Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade


Some people do come down with Travelers' Diarrhea, and more serious gastrointestinal ailments are possible as in most countries, so observe wise dining habits. The US Government Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's CDC Travelers' Health website, and its Turkey page, are also useful.

Highway Travel

Turkey had historically high vehicular accident and mortality rates, but government safety education programs, vast improvements in highways, and strict law enforcementhave greatly improved the situation. You must still drive and ride carefully. More...

Train Travel

A variation of the Single Male Scam sometimes happens on trains. More...


Turkey is in an active earthquake zone, and deadly temblors occur periodically, as they have for millennia. Like San Francisco, Istanbul and the Marmara region expect a major earthquake within the next three or four decades. Here are some thoughts...


It's a good idea to review your coverage and decide if you're adequately insured. Here's how... 

The Evil Eye

It's a very, very old good-luck tradition in Turkey. It can't really hurt you, especially if you're wearing a Nazar Bonjuk!😉 More...

The Evil Eye

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