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Once famous for figs, Izmir (formerly Smyrna), is now Turkey’s 3rd-largest city, the “capital” of the Aegean region, a major port and commercial center set dramatically around ahuge bay and backed by mountains to the south.

It is the transport center of the Aegean region. Here’s my Izmir Region Transport Map to help you make your way to, through and from Izmir.

During the War of Independence (1922) a disastrous fire destroyed most of old Smyrna.

Today Izmir (EEZ-meer, pop. 3 million) is a mostly modern city with good hotels and restaurants, an interesting bazaar, a few small archeological sites, a big, busy Otogar (bus terminal), and an important airport south of the city on the way to Ephesus.

Some travelers use Izmir as a base to visit such regional sights as Bergama/ PergamumÇeşme & AlaçatıSardisEphesus & KuşadasıAphrodisias & Pamukkale, because Izmir has a great variety of hotels.

You needn’t linger in Izmir if your time in Turkey is short, but if it suits your schedule to spend a night here, enjoy Izmir’s Aegean ambience: see the sights, wander in the bazaar, sip drinks and dine at the pleasant waterfront restaurants.

Izmir is easy to reach by airbustrain and boatHere are the transportation details.

Click here for maps of Izmir & Aegean Turkey.

Hotels in Izmir

Izmir Transport

Izmir Region Transport Map

Distances & Travel Times

Adnan Menderes Airport

Bergama (Pergamum)

Çeşme & Alaçatı


Selçuk & Ephesus



Pamukkale & Denizli

Izmir Region Map

Aegean Turkey

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