Denizli, Turkey (near Pamukkale)

Last Updated on July 3, 2022

Denizli means “with the sea,” which is exactly what this city is not. It’s a modern concrete city of more than half a million people almost 3-1/2 hours’ drive (200 km/124 miles) east of the Aegean’s blue waters (map).

Denizli is important for farming and commerce, but not so much for tourism—and certainly not for the sea, except that the longtime famous hot-spring spa resort of Pamukkale is only 18 km (11 miles) to the northeast (map).

Thus Denizli may become important for you in your travels:



Denizli has excellent intercity bus connections with other Turkish cities by way of its new (2014) ultra-modern Denizli Metropolitan Bus Terminal (otogar).


Six useful daily trains connect Denizli with AydınSelçuk(Ephesus), İzmirAfyon and Ankara.


Denizli has an airport served by commercial flights, most of which serve Istanbul, and arrive and depart early in the morning or late at night.


Denizli has its own selection of hotels, which tend to be less expensive than hotels in Pamukkale Town or Karahayıt, and more convenient for the bus terminal and train stationMore…

Minibuses shuttle between Denizli and Pamukkale every 20 minutes all day long, making transport to the sights quite easy. More…


A bit of orientation: of Denizli’s several kavşaks (KAHV-shahk, large traffic roundabouts/intersections), the one on Highway D320 joining Menderes/İzmir Bulvarı and Ankara Bulvarı, witha park at its center, is most important to you (map). Its official name is Ulusal Egemenlik Meydanı, but you may not see that on signs.

The Denizli Gar (train station) is northwest of this large roundabout. The street uphill opposite the gar, Gazi Mustafa Kemal Bulvarı, takes you to the center of Denizli. The Denizli Metropolitan Bus Terminal (Denizli Büyükşehir Otobüs Terminali, or Denizli Otogar for short) is just southeast of this kavşak. Ankara Bulvarı takes you from the roundabout northeast to Pamukkale and KarahayıtMore…

Click here for more maps of Denizli, Pamukkale & Aegean Turkey.

Distances & Travel Times

Antalya: 221 km (137 miles) SE, 3.75 hours

Aphrodisias: 110 km (68 miles) SW, 2.25 hours

Aydın: 125 km (78 miles) W, 1-3/4 hours

Bodrum: 291 km (181 miles), 5.25 hours

Pamukkale: 19 km (12 miles) S, 20 minutes

Istanbul: 666 km (414 miles) N, 15.25 hours

İzmir: 251 km (156 miles) W, 4-1/2 hours

Adnan Menderes Airport (İzmir): 233 km (145 miles) W, 4 hours

Konya: 441 km (274 miles) E, 6.5 hours

Kuşadası: 206 km (128 miles) W, 4 hours

Marmaris: 186 km (115 miles) SW, 3-1/2 hours

Selçuk (Ephesus): 196 km (122 miles) W, 3.25 hours

—by Tom Brosnahan

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