Transport for Denizli & Pamukkale

Last Updated on April 17, 2023

Transport for Denizli & Pamukkale

Almost all transport to and from Pamukkale is via the nearby city of Denizli which has a large and active bus terminal, train station and airport. It’s also possible to go by train from Selçuk (Ephesus) to Denizli and Pamukkale, see the sights, and return by train all in one day. Find more information on travel times and distance to other Turkish cities from Denizli.


The Denizli Metropolitan Bus Terminal (Denizli Büyükşehir Otobüs Terminali)  is located 18 km (11 miles) south of Pamukkale. Upon entering this bus station, you may find yourself a bit overwhelmed by how many terminals there are. Denizli is a popular stop for many bus routes, so it can be crowded. However, it is a well designed station and is separated into 2 major terminals. Denizli’s otogar is located 18 km (11 miles) south of Pamukkale. There is an Emanetçi (Left Luggage/Baggage Check) on the lower level, where you can leave your luggage if you wish to see Pamukkale in one day and return in the evening.

The Otogar’s first floor is home to Intercity Transit (Şehirlerarası Transit). Here, you will find numerous bus companies which operate between major cities including Denizli, İzmir, Antalya, Konya, Ankara, and Istanbul. You should have no problem finding a good departure to any of those destinations, and many others. It is important to note there are no direct buses to Nevşehir or the Cappadocia region from Denizli. Those wishing to travel to Cappadocia will have to switch buses in Konya. 

In the ground level of this otogar, Local Transit (İl İçi) is located. This terminal is a bit difficult to find, but there are signs labeled Şehir İçi Servisler which will guide you to the correct place. This terminal is for those wanting to travel within 100 km of Denizli. Destinations include: Çardak, Tavas, Sarayköy, Buldan, Baklan, Bekilli, Merkezefendi, Beyağaç, Çameli, Kale, Bozkurt, Serinhisar, Honaz, Güney, Çal, Çivril, Acıpayam, Akgöl, and Babadağ.

From Denizli to Laodicea & Pamukkale

Mini Buses shuttle between Peron (Gate) 76 on the lower level (beneath the intercity bus gates) of the Denizli Otogar, and Laodicea, Pamukkale and Karahayıt every 15 to 20 minutes all day long. 


Denizli Gar (railway station) a few minutes walk west from the Denizli bus terminal on the other side of the highway, is served by six daily trains from İzmir’s Basmane Gar via Adnan Menderes Airport, Selçuk (Ephesus), Aydın and Nazilli. Train is the preferred transport method on this route since it is cheaper than the bus, in similar or faster times, and more comfortable. The journey between Denizli and Selçuk (Ephesus) takes a little over 3 hours. You can ride the train from Ephesus to Pamukkale and back in one day if you time everything well.

Pamukkale Ekspresi: Denizli – Eskişehir

The Pamukkale Ekspresi is a daytime train between Denizli and Eskişehir via Afyon and Kütahya. At Eskişehir it meets the High-Speed Train to Istanbul.


Denizli Çardak Airport (DNZ) is 64 km (40 miles) east of Denizli city center, 71 km (44 miles) east of Pamukkale, past Bozkurt then south of the D320 highway.

Pegasus Airlines and Turkish Airlines have several daily one-hour nonstop flights between Istanbul.

Airport buses carry airline passengers from Denizli Bus Terminal, and sometimes from Pamukkale and Karahayıt, to Denizli Çardak Airport for each flight, departing for the airport around 2 hours before flight time. There are only three buses daily to the airport, and three buses returning, timed to the Turkish Airlines and Pegasus Air flights.

—by Tom Brosnahan, Updated by Abigail Goosen

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