Pamukkale: What to See & Do

Last Updated on August 12, 2022

Pamukkale: TOP 10 SITES

Pamukkale and the surrounding region is home to historically fascinating sites and uncultivated natural phenomena.  Some of its wonders are well known and heavily trafficked, others are lesser known but alluring nonetheless. This list may help you decide the duration of your stay. Most visitors stay 2-3 days in Pamukkale, which would allow time to visit the sites listed below. Here are Pamukkale’s top 10 sites!

1. Pamukkale Thermal Pools

The most famous spot to visit in Pamukkale, natural terraces and bright blue pools of gleaming white calcium precipitated from the cooling mineral water. 

2. Hierapolis Ancient City

The Roman spa town of Hierapolis has two entrances, and includes a cemetery, colonnaded streets, an ancient pool, archeology museum, and a Roman theater.

3. Antique Pool

Within Hierapolis, this broad pool of warm mineral water, surrounded by oleanders and littered with tumbled marble columns, is the most atmospheric place to experience the spa’s waters—for a fee.

4. Hot Air Balloons

If you are interested in an excursion during your stay, be sure to ride one of Pamukkale’s famous hot air balloons. This experience will leave you breathless and provide a great panoramic view of Pamukkale’s sites.

5. Laodicea Ancient City

Known in the Bible as one of the Seven Churches of Revelation, Laodicea is a 5500-year-old city set between Denizli and Pamukkale. Being beautifully restored by archeologists, it’s worth a visit.

6. Colossae Biblical Site

Interested in Biblical history? Paul’s letter Colossians was written to the church in Colossae, which is situated near modern day Denizli. This site is only 27 km from Pamukkale’s town. The city has not been excavated, so there is not much to see, however if the location holds significance to you it is worth the visit. 

7. Archeological Museum 

The former Roman baths of Hierapolis have been converted to a nice little museum of artifacts discovered among the extensive ruins of Hierapolis. 

8. Roman Theater 

The great theater of Hierapolis, up the hillside from Cleopatra’s Ancient Poolland the Archeological Museum, was beautifully restored by Italian stonemasons in 1972, and is well worth the walk up the hill to see.

9. Karahayıt Town

The town on the plateau, west of Hierapolis, is filled with local restaurants and shops. If you are interested in experiencing Turkish life and want a break from touristy sites, Karahayıt is a wonderful town to explore. 

10. Halıcı Ahmet Urkay Archeology & Ethnography Museum

(Arkeoloji & Etnografya Müzesi)

Interested in Turkish history? This museum is full of captivating ethnographic artifacts. Walking through this museum will give you a glimpse into Turkish life and culture throughout the centuries. 


-by Abigail Goosen & Kimberly Price

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