Hierapolis Archaeology Museum, Pamukkale

Last Updated on November 15, 2022

One of the most interesting pieces of the wider Pamukkale Hierapolis Archaeological Site is its archaeology museum. Contained within the ruins of the restored Central Roman Baths, the museum offers an array of artifacts found within the site and the surrounding region. The museum is located just opposite the white-cliff pools (travertines) and just before you reach the Antique Pool

Contained within the museum is an array of statues and beautiful reliefs. There are several notable sarcophagi with stunning carvings. You are also able to learn more about the restoration and excavation process which went into the site. As you see the artifacts, you are also able to take in the architecture of the once grand marbled Roman Baths. Outside the main bath structure is also a small park with other artifacts and column capitals that were recovered from the site. 

Admission is included in your ticket to the archaeological park, and it takes under thirty minutes to tour the three main rooms. I would encourage you to visit it before continuing on to tour the Roman theater at the top of the hill and the rest of the ruins of Hierapolis.  Once you finish touring Hierapolis and still have a thirst for archaeological ruins and ancient history, you may also want to tour the stunning remains of the city of Laodicea less than thirty minutes away. 


—by Caleb Bowman

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