Pamukkale Hot Air Balloons

Last Updated on August 20, 2022

There is no better time of day to experience Pamukkale than during the blush sunrise each morning. The pink sky perfectly illuminates the ancient city of Hierapolis, Pamukkale’s reflective thermal pools and the boundless landscape surrounding these sites. What better place to watch these views than from the basket of a hot air balloon? Balloons embark on their journey each morning during the sunrise, which allows for a birds eye view of the white cliffs and ancient city.

Many visit Turkey to experience Cappadocia’s famous landscape from the sky, but few know that Pamukkale also offers this unforgettable experience. If you are looking to take an excursion during your time in Pamukkale, look no further than a hot air balloon ride.

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Excursion Mania is an excellent company to book your hot air balloon tour with. Having been in the business for 10+ years, safety is second nature to excursion mania’s staff. You will be welcomed with incredible hospitality, and will celebrate with champagne after the unforgettable experience! 

Booking with Excursion Mania is simple and straightforward. As you book your ticket, you will provide your hotel information, which will allow for the bus to pick you up directly at your stay. Note that the bus only provides bus service for those staying in Pamukkale or Karahayıt. Pickups happen between 4:30-5:00 AM. Bring a jacket in cold months, but know that the hot air will keep you warm once you’ve taken off. Be prepared for an early start to your day, but you will surely forget any lost sleep once the adventure has begun!


The field from which your balloon will embark will be bustling with color and anticipation. Before your balloon launches, you will get to watch the colorful nylon envelopes grow as they are filled with hot air.  Be sure to stick with your guide as many companies embark from the same field, it would be easy to get lost!  Once you arrive, grab a cup of joe from the “balloon coffee” truck, which you can enjoy from the basket of your balloon. 

Your pilot will brief you on landing procedures, then you will be on your way! The flight duration is one hour, so long as weather conditions permit. Each basket is spacious and comfortable, holding 20 participants. You will climb to maximum altitude, from which you will be able to take in the breathtaking panoramic view, capturing Hierapolis, Pamukkale’s thermal pools, Denizli and Karahayıt. During this flight, you will also glide  a few feet above the white travertines! Because you will embark so early in the day,  you will be able to see the thermal pools untouched, before the gates are opened to tourists. 

Landing times vary, however your flight will land between 8:00 and 10:00 AM. Once you’re on the ground again, you will celebrate with a glass of champagne and a completion certificate! We recommend grabbing Turkish breakfast in town to celebrate. Don’t forget to ride a hot air balloon during your stay in Pamukkale!

--by Abigail Goosen

Excursion Mania Hot Air Balloons

Excursion Mania is an excellent company to book your hot air balloons through, as they have the best pilots and top-recommended balloon tours. Your safety is their first priority. Another perk of booking through them is that they know the best activities to do around Pamukkale, so once you're finished with your sunrise tour, they can recommend what to do next!

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