Eminönü Ferry Docks, Istanbul

Last Updated on March 6, 2024

The Eminönü waterfront, at the southern end of the Galata Bridge over the Golden Horn just north of Sirkeci Train Station (map), is a major dock for ferryboats that cross the Bosphorus to and from the Asian suburbs of ÜsküdarHaydarpaşa, and Kadıköy, and for the car ferry to Harem on the Asian shore.

The Turkish word for dock is iskele(si) (from the Italian scala). Here's the rundown on the docks for Bosphorus cruises and Asian-shore destinations, and here's a map.

Point 1Eminönü Haliç İskelesi

This small wooden dock building, boarding-point for Şehir Hatları Golden Horn ferries, is a bit difficult to find. Walk west past all the TurYol docks to near the prominent T. C. Istanbul Ticaret Üniversitesi building. Here's more onGolden Horn ferry cruises.

Point 2TurYol Eminönü İskelesi

TurYol boats for Bosphorus cruiseÜsküdar, Haydarpaşa & KadıköyTurYol ferryboat signs are clear and straightforward. To walk from the Şehir Hatları docks on the east side of Galata Bridge to the TurYol docks on the west side, use the pedestrian underpass (yaya alt geçidi), either under the Galata Bridge or under the roadway.

Point 3Boğaz İskelesi
(Bosphorus Cruise Dock)

Boğaz (boh-AHZ, "throat, strait") means the Bosphorus, so this is the dock for those daily Şehir Hatları Bosphorus Cruise ferries. Also here, the Boğaziçi YolTur dock, another choice for a 1-1/2-hour Bosphorus cruise, departing frequently.

Point 4Üsküdar İskelesi

Officially the Hezarfen Ahmet Çelebi İskelesi, it handles requent Şehir Hatları ferries cruise across to Üsküdar on the Asian shore. If you just want to take a short cruise across the Bosphorus, hop aboard, and ride it right back if you like.

Point 5Kadıköy İskelesi

Şehir Hatları ferries to Kadıköy every 15 or 20 minutes from this dock, named for Evliya Çelebi. Ferries from Karaköy/Galata, at the northern end of the Galata Bridgealso go to Kadıköy.

Point 6 Katib Çelebi İskelesi

This was supposed to be the permanent dock for Şehir Hatları Bosphorus Cruise ferries, but became a bookstore and gift shop instead. Meanwhile, the ferries are still served by an inadequate, uncomfortable, "temporary" dock. Go figure.

Point 7Harem Araba İskelesi

This car ferry also takes passengers across the Bosphorusto the Harem Otogar, the intercity bus terminal on the Asian shore.

Point 8Sarayburnu İskelesi

Sometimes used to moor larger ships.

Point 9TurYol Karaköy İskelesi

TurYol ferries to Üsküdar & Kadıköy, and in summer, Bosphorus cruise and Princes Islands (Adalar).

Point 10Karaköy İskelesi

Şehir Hatları ferries to Kadıköy on the Asian shore every 15 to 20 minutes.


Currently under construction to become new cruise ship docks, Customs, Immigration and Tourism Information Office for international cruise ship passengers.

12Salıpazarı Cruise Ship Dock

Cruise ship docks while Galataport is being constructed. Walk to the Tophane stop of the Bağcılar-Kabataş tram for easy, inexpensive transport to major sightseeing areas.

13Kabataş İskelesi

Closed until 2018 (at least) while the entire area is under construction.

14Yenikapı Feribot Terminali

İDO seabuses within Istanbul, and fast catamaran car ferries across the Sea of Marmara to YalovaBursa and Bandırma.

15Harem Car Ferry Dock

Asian dock for car ferries to Eminönü (Dock 7). The Harem Otogar (Intercity Bus Terminal) is also here.

16Kadıköy İskelesi

Şehir HatlarıTurYol & Dentur Avrasya ferries to EminönüKaraköyKabataşBeşiktaş and Princes Islands (Adalar), Havataş and E10 & E11 city airport buses to Sabiha Gökçen AirportMetro to Kartal.

17Üsküdar İskelesi

Şehir HatlarıTurYol & Dentur Avrasya ferries to EminönüKaraköy and BeşiktaşMarmaray to Sirkeci and Yenikapı Feribot Terminali.

18Beşiktaş İskelesi

Şehir Hatları & Dentur Avrasya ferries to Üsküdar.

19Bostancı İskelesi

İDO seabuses to Yenikapı, and other seabus docks, and İDOand Şehir Hatları ferries to the Princes Islands.

—by Tom Brosnahan

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