Bandırma, Turkey Guide

Last Updated on May 2, 2019

Okay, there’s nothing really wrong with Bandırma, the city on the southern shore of Turkey’s Sea of Marmara(map).

It’s the transfer point between the fast ferries to/from Istanbul, the express train to İzmir, and buses to/from Çanakkale, the Dardanelles and the northern Aegean coast.

You can spend a pleasant few hours in Bandırma (bahn-DUHR-mah, pop. 80,000), but most travelers are just passing through.

The ferry docks right in the center of town have their own train station for travelers going between Istanbuland İzmir by ferryboat and train.

Bandırma’s bus terminal (otogar) is up the hill away from the docks, near the highway. More…

Bandırma has hotels and restaurants within walking distance of the ferry docks, but few tourists stay here, preferring to move on to where they really want to be.

Here’s info on buses and trainsdistances and travel times to and from Bandırma.

—by Tom Brosnahan

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