Thrace, Dardanelles & Gallipoli

Last Updated on February 15, 2023

Thrace is the corridor between Europe and Asia (maps).

It's also the European part of Turkey, west of Istanbulbordering on Bulgaria and Greece.


This port for fast car and passenger ferries on the Sea of Marmara's southern coast connects the region with Istanbul and İzmir. More...


First capital of the Ottoman Empire, Bursa lies at the base of the Bithynian Mount Olympus. Its early Ottoman architecture, healthful hot springs, and savory cuisine draw visitors. More...


Çanakkale is the best base for visiting the Gallipoli battlefieldsand nearby Troy. It's especially crowded on April 25th, ANZAC Day, when the battle is commemorated. More...


Armies have fought for control of the Dardanelles (Hellespont, Çanakkale Boğazı), the strategic strait controlling access between the AegeanMarmara and Black Seas, from the time of the Trojan War to the World War I Gallipoli campaign. Today, ferryboats take you (and your car or bus) across the straits with speed and ease.


The town on the Gallipoli Peninsula across from Çanakkale is a busy ferry port and also a possible base for explorations of the Gallipoli battlefields. More...


Formerly Adrianople, Edirne is off the tourist track even though it boasts interesting architecture, good food and an unhurried pace. More...

Gallipoli Peninsula

This long, narrow peninsula forming one shore of the Dardanelles strait was the site of a major military campaign in World War I. More...


This historic town on the northern shore of the Gallipoli peninsula has a busy car ferry dock and other services. More...

İznik (Nicaea)

Famous for its Ecumenial Councils and the Christian Nicene Creed, İznik is also a notable Roman town, with some fine Ottoman architecture as well. More...


The village facing Çanakkale from the eastern shore of the Gallipoli peninsula has a mighty fortress and the car ferry dock for the shortest voyage across the Dardanelles. More...

Kilitbahir Fortress, Gallipoli Peninsula, Turkey
Kilitbahir Fortress on the Dardanelles.


This small port town on the southern coast of the Sea of Marmara was the site of the cease-fire conference that ended the Turkish War of Independence. More...


A small town with big significance for Turkish history: the father-founder of the Ottoman Empire is entombed here. More...


A small city with a deep history but little physical evidence of it, Tekirdağ is also the center of a thriving wine-growing region. More...


The port on the southern shore of the Sea of Marmara is where you land going to İznik and Bursa. Nearby are historic hot springs. More...


Car ferries cross the Dardanelles frequently every day.

You can visit Thrace, the Dardanelles, Gallipoli and Troy by caror bus, on your own, from Istanbul—even in one dayMore...

But if your time is very short, or you don't have your own vehicle, taking a guided tour makes sense. More...

—by Tom Brosnahan







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