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Last Updated on May 7, 2019

The legend of Troy is one of history’s greatest stories: the impregnable walls, the world’s most beautiful woman, the brilliant—risky!—military strategem of the wooden horse.

It’s no wonder it’s been the subject of history books, novels, songs, and movies.

The latest is “Troy,” Wolfgang Peterson’s film with Brad Pitt (Achilles), Diane Kruger (Helen), Eric Bana(Hector), Orlando Bloom (Paris), Rose Byrne (Briseis), Brendan Gleeson (King Menelaus), Brian Cox (King Agamemnon), Sean BeanPeter O’TooleJulie Christie, etc.

Hollywood being Hollywood, the film was not filmed at Troy, where it happened, but in Malta and other places. Apparently Troy doesn’t look enough like Hollywood’s conception of Troy….

Newsweek (May 17, 2004, page 50) said “When Achilles and Hector go at it, we are witness to a clash of love and hate, faith and nihilism and, of course, beefcake and beefcake. Against all odds, the audience wins.”

Although Brad Pitt and Diane Kruger are not there, the real Troy is ready and waiting for your visit right now. You can even visit on an excursion from Istanbul if you like.

For my (humorous) ideas about Hollywood movies on historical themes, read “What’s in a Name?” from my travel memoir Bright Sun, Strong Tea.

—by Tom Brosnahan

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