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Last Updated on May 3, 2019

Eceabat is a small town and ferryboat port on the Gallipoli peninsula shore of the Dardanelles (Hellespont, Çanakkale Boğazı) close to the World War I Gallipoli battlefields.

A pleasant enough small town, it offers services to travelers, including many sea-view restaurants near the ferry docks, several hotels, and an interesting History Park by the docks illustrating the battles that took place nearby during the Gallipoli campaign (1915-1916).

All in all, Çanakkale on the Asian shore of the Dardanelles offers a better base for touring the sights in the area, but Eceabat can serve as a base if your time is short, or if you don’t have your own vehicle with which to tour the battlefields.

Respect for History Park

Right in the town center next to the ferry dock is Eceabat’s Respect for History Park (Tarihe Saygı Parkı), with informative displays including a scale model of the Gallipoli Peninsula with the main features and battle sites marked.

This can help you to better appreciate the country you’re exploring on the Gallipoli peninsula.

Next to it is a life-size recreation of trenches at Quinn’s Post (Bomba Sırtı)—the ANZAC and Ottoman soldiers are only a few meters apart, with death a near certainty:

Respect for History Park, Eceabat, Gallipoli, Turkey

Model of Quinn’s Post (Bomba Sırtı), with trenches only a few meters apart…


Eceabat’s few hotels are mostly in the town center near the ferry docks and the Respect for History Park.

The 32-room Grand Eceabat Hotel is right on the main square opposite the ferry dock. Just a few steps away is the oddly-named but comfortable, 27-room Hotel Crowded House. There are other Eceabat hotels as well. More…


Most of Eceabat’s restaurants are along the waterfront street facing the ferry docks and the Respect for History Park. Take your pick, order your meal, and enjoy the view.


Dardanelles car ferryboats are Eceabat’s claim to fame. The ferries take cars and pedestrians across the strait to Çanakkale in about 25 minutes. More…

Minibuses depart Eceabat for other towns on the Gallipoli peninsula, including to Kilitbahir, the smaller Dardanelles car ferry port 2.3 kilometers (1.5 miles) to the south; Abide , 27 km (17 miles, 45 minutes) at the southern tip of the peninsula near Sedd-ül Bahir; and Gelibolu, 46 km (29 miles) northeast, the town with another Dardanelles car ferry service (Gelibolu-Lapseki).

—by Tom Brosnahan

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