TurYol Ferryboats, Istanbul

Last Updated on May 7, 2019

A private boat owners’ cooperative named TurYol operates a system of ferryboats in Istanbul similar to that of Dentur Avrasya ferries, connecting the busiest docks on both sides of the Bosphorus

Though the Şehir Hatları ferries have the more prominent “official” ferry docks, the TurYol docks are usually nearby. Here’s a map of the Eminönü docks.

For example, at the Eminönü ferry docks on the Golden Horn, the Şehir Hatları ferries depart from docks on the east side of Galata Bridge, (toward the Bosphorus) and TurYol ferries depart from the west side (toward the Golden Horn), heading for ÜsküdarKadıköy, the Bosphorus and the Princes Islands.

TurYol Ferry Terminal, Istanbul, Turkey
The TurYol dock next to the Galata Bridge in Eminönü.

Here’s info on the 1-1/2-hour TurYol Bosphorus cruise, a viable alternative to the 6-hour traditional ferry cruise.

To take a TurYol ferry, go to Eminönü, make your way to the west (inland) side of the Galata Bridge on the south shore of the Golden Horn, and look for the cluster of TurYol boats, as well as for the terminal and ticket boothMore…

You can also depart from Kadıköy on a TurYol Bosphorus cruise. More…

Here’s the TurYol website—not very easy to use.

—by Tom Brosnahan

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