Turkish Time Zones

Last Updated on April 4, 2023

All of Turkey is in one time zone.

Until September 2016, all of Turkey was on Eastern European time, 2 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT/UTC; Coordinated Universal Time), except during spring-to-autumn Daylight Saving Time, when it was 3 hours ahead of GMT.

However, in September 2016, the Turkish government announced that the country would not return to Eastern European Time in October. Rather, Turkey would stay on Daylight Saving Time all year, which means that Turkish time, all year, is now 3 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time.

When it's noon in Turkey, it's...




Istanbul & Ankara

12 noon

12 noon

Greenwich Time

9 am

9 am

Paris, Rome

10 am

9 am


10 am

9 am

New York

5 am

4 am

Los Angeles

2 am

1 am

Hong Kong, Perth

5 pm

5 pm


8 pm

7 pm


10 pm

9 pm

An ancient gnomon (sundial) still telling passers-by the time in Konya.

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