Phones, Wifi & Internet in Turkey

Last Updated on July 12, 2019

During your trip to Turkey, you’ll want to communicate with the folks at home, with your traveling companions, with airlineshotelstravel agencies and other travel services both inside and outside of Turkey, and you’ll want to connect to the Internet for email, information and social media.

Wifi in Turkey

Wifi (wireless Internet connection), usually free, is common all over Turkey. Virtually all hotels, hostels, dorms, rental apartments, and even tree houses have Wifi, as do many restaurants, cafés, barsbeach café-barsoffices, intercity busestrains and ferryboats. The connection and its speed may vary, but you’ll have the opportunity to connect. More…

Mobile Phone & Data Networks

Turkey has three major mobile phone companies with excellent coverage throughout the country. You’ll rarely be far from a mobile phone signal, if that’s how you choose to communicate. More…

Using Your Mobile Phone in Turkey

If you’re coming for a short visit (up to 120 days), you should have little problem using your mobile phone in Turkey via international roaming, with a Turkish SIM card, or via a mobile Wifi hotspot. But if you plan to stay in Turkey for an extended period, you’ll have to register your mobile device with the government and pay a fee. More…

International Phone or SIM

It may seem crazy to buy a new phone for trips abroad, but it may be the cheapest and best alternative, especially if your mobile phone is locked and you are locked into a contract with your home mobile phone company. An inexpensive phone designed for use abroad may make sense. More…

If your mobile phone is unlocked, you can buy an international roaming SIM which may save you money and hassle. More…

Mobile Wifi Hotspot

mobile Wifi hotspot is a small mobile-phone-like device that connects to a local mobile phone network and provides you with a Wifi signal by which you can connect your laptop or tablet computer or mobile phone to the Internet, allowing you to make and receive voice calls, messages, and email, and to browse the Web.

Rent 'n' Connect Mobile Wifi Hotspot rentals in Turkey

You can bring your own mobile Wifi hotspot to Turkey, or rent one while you’re there. It can be a simple, easy way to stay in touch. More…

Virtual Private Networks

In this age of hackers and cyber-crooks, communication security is an important consideration. No matter how you connect to the Internet, consider using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to protect your data. Don’t worry, it’s not a complicated or expensive new piece of equipment, just an inexpensive service you sign up for online. It can keep crook-snoopers out of your life when you travel. More…

Turkish Landline Phones

Turkish landline (wired) phones work with phone cardscredit cards, or Turkish liras, depending upon the type of phone. More…

How to Make Calls to & from Turkey

No matter what sort of phone or system you use or where you’re calling from, you need to know how the Turkish telephone systems work. More…

Beware Hotel Surcharges!

Hotels tend to charge exorbitant rates and surcharges for all phone calls, and especially for international calls. Be sure to ask about rates and surcharges at your hotel before you call.


Many places (including most hotels) will send or receive a fax for you. Rates vary. Shop around. Look for the sign Fax Çekilir (Fax Sent).

—by Tom Brosnahan

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