Lost/Stolen Mobile Phone in Turkey

Last Updated on April 30, 2019

Here’s what you do to protect yourself in case your mobile phone (or a rented one) is lost or stolen while you travel in Turkey:

1. Right now, or as soon as you can, switch on your phone and press these keys:

* # 0 6 #

The 15-digit number that appears is the phone’s IMEI(International Mobile Equipment Identity) number.

2. Write down this IMEI number, and also the Customer Service number of the Turkish mobile phone companythat provides your service in Turkey (see below). Write these numbers in several places, at least one of which should be in a place completely separate from where you normally carry your mobile phone.

So if you usually carry your mobile phone in your shoulder bag or purse, put the IMEI in your luggage or a different part of your clothing. The point is to have your IMEI handy if your phone—and the bag or purse it’s in—disappears or is stolen.

3. If/when your phone disappears, immediately get to a phone, or borrow one, and call your Turkish mobile phone company, give them the phone’s IMEI, and tell them that your phone has been lost or stolen.

They will put a block on the number, which means it cannot be used—even with a new SIM card—until you authorize the block to be removed.

This will save you headaches, and avoid having the company come after you to pay enormous mobile phone bills for unauthorized usage.

Here are the Customer Service numbers for the three Turkish mobile phone companies. All are “444” numbers, meaning you do not need to dial an area/city code if you are calling from within Turkey. (444 numbers are charged at the local rate, not the long-distance rate). Just dial these numbers:

Turkcell: 444 0 532

Vodaphone: 444 0 542

Türk Telekom: 444 1 500

(444 numbers may not work in some locations in Turkey, and of course they will not work when calling from outside Turkey. You can try dialing 0 212 444 xxxx in those cases. Thanks to A Ovacik for these 444 number tips.)

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