Mobile Phone Roaming in Turkey

Last Updated on April 30, 2019

If you have a GSM-standard mobile device capable of operating on the 900Mhz and/or 1800Mhz band(s) or 3G 2100 Mhz band, you may use international (or global) roaming in Turkey for up to 120 days. (For longer use, you must be a legal resident of Turkey andregister your phone with the Turkish government.)

Before leaving home, you may have to notify your home mobile company, or activate international roaming for your mobile phone account while still in your home country. Check on this so that you won’t be disappointed and unable to roam with your device when you arrive.

A foreign visitor may enter Turkey with one personal mobile device and use it for up to 120 days via international roaming or with a Turkish SIM cardwithout having to register it. After 120 days, you must register your device and pay the registration fee or your device will be blocked from the three Turkish mobile phone networksMore…

International roaming in Turkey can be a relatively expensive way to make calls, as roaming charges can be high. Basically, you’re paying two phone companies: your home one, which is billing you for the call, and a Turkish one, which is connecting the call.

To set up your phone for roaming in Turkey, see the User’s Manualfor your device on how to select a local network.

You can see from this coverage map of Turkcell‘s network that virtually all of Turkey has mobile phone service, except some remote (white) areas in the east:


Remember that Wifi is widely available in Turkey at hotels, restaurants, cafés, airports, bus and train terminals and some public spaces, and that you can use your mobile phone, tablet and laptop via Wifi and SkypeiMessage and other programs and apps to communicate with the world for very little money, or even for free. More…

International Travel Phones

You can purchase an inexpensive mobile phone designed to operate in nearly 200 countries. Purchase prices are low. Usage rates may be high, but if you just want a phone for occasional short voice calls and text messages, and for emergencies, an international travel phone can be practical and inexpensive. More…

Virtual Private Networks

No matter how you access the Internet while traveling, you should consider using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to prevent hackers from stealing your sensitive information such as usernames, passwords, credit card and bank account details, etc. VPNs are easy to set up, and basic service is free. More…

—by Tom Brosnahan


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