Hot Air Ballooning in Cappadocia

Last Updated on March 4, 2024

Your Aeronautical Adventure

Be sure to book your flight well in advance so you'll have a great place in the best balloon! The golden rule of thumb is to book your flight on your first day in Cappadocia. This way, if your flight gets canceled due to weather conditions that are out of our control, you’ll be rebooked on the next available flight. The first flight of the day is the best because of the sunrise and the wind conditions.

On the morning of your flight, the crew picks you up at your hotel before dawn and drives you to the takeoff site for the first flight of the day. After a chilly dawn launch, you’ll be floating silently above the Cappadocian moonscape dotted with villages, vineyards, and fruit orchards for about an hour, coming down in a farmer's field. At the end, the crew retrieves you and the aircraft, then break out the bubbly for a traditional champagne toast to a successful aeronautical adventure! This photo gallery has more info.

Best Balloon Companies

Voyager Balloons

A high-quality ballooning company with experienced pilotsand ground crew, Voyager offers a superior flying experienceMention TTP and get a discount plus have a much better chance of availability! Go to the Voyager Balloons page to watch a 4.5-minute video that really lets you feel what a flight is like. More...

Royal Balloons

Funded by one of Cappadocia's most prominent tourism companies, Royal Balloon is the deluxe Cappadocia hot air balloon company, boasting the best equipment, experienced pilots, and a higher level of service than normal. More...

Atlas Balon

One price, one high-quality flight, one booking method: online. It all saves you time, trouble and money. More...

Butterfly Balloons

Butterfly Balloons is a purposefully small company that consistently receives top ratings for its flight experience. They know how to make your flight interesting, and they are very safety-consciousMore....

When to Fly

The best time to fly is from April through October when the skies are clear and the winds are light at dawn. Alternatively, some companies fly in winter as well on days with favorable weather for flying. Fun Facts: In 2014, conditions were good for flying on 319 days out of 365 which is an incredible achievement! In 2015, there were 266 days with favorable weather for flights. 100+ balloons made 27,775 flights carrying nearly a half-million passengers into the skies over Cappadocia.

However, at least half the days in a winter month will be good for flying, but they may not be spaced evenly: there may be 10 good days in a row, then 5 bad ones. The least suitable weather, where your flight is most likely to be canceled, is in January and February.


Tips for a Successful Flight

Read these tips on hot-air balloon safety.

  • Choose a company. Here are some tips on how to do it. 
  • Reserve your place(s) in the balloon basket several days in advance if you can, and ask for the first flight of the day. It's best to schedule your flight for the morning after your first night in Cappadocia. If unsuitable weather prevents the balloons from flying on that first morning, you'll have a backup option to be rebooked on the next flight.
  • Watch out for fake websites masquerading as reputable companies that will switch your booking to a less reputable company at the last moment, or even charge your credit card and provide nothing. Be sure that you are actually reserving with a company that you want. Follow the links from TurkeyTravelPlanner.com. 
  • If your balloon flight is canceled because of unsafe conditions, don't be upsetthink safety!

Is It Worth It?

Hot Air Ballooning Cappadocia

A balloon ascent is not the cheapest experience in Turkey, but it definitely will be one of the most memorable experiences of your life. When it comes to price, you must realize that not all balloon flights are the same. 

Here's what makes a good hot-air balloon flight. Overall, if this is your first hot air balloon flight, you won’t regret it! Some people dream of going on a hot air balloon since they were a child, and this is the place to experience it.

Bonus for TTP Travelers!

TTP travelers like you can receive discounts or free upgrades, and guaranteed placement on the first flight of the day with Voyager Balloons. 

—by Tom Brosnahan, photos by Sonia Anand

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