Sonia Anand

Last Updated on August 16, 2022

A recent graduate of Montclair State University ’21, Sonia holds a B.S. in Business Administration with a concentration in Management. She was born and raised in New Jersey by a British-Indian family of entrepreneurs and holds dual nationality in the United States & United Kingdom. At 18 years old, Sonia embarked on her first international trip with her high school to Europe. She visited various countries including France, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

A year later, she had the opportunity to visit the UK and get a glimpse of where her family is from and live out the stories her grandma has shared about life in London. While at Edinburgh Castle, Sonia was at her happiest point and realized traveling fulfills her soul. She strives to do whatever it takes to continue going on adventures and exploring the globe. Her diligence and obsession with traveling have led her to visit 20+ countries on multiple continents. Sonia specializes in empowering women to solo travel with many beneficial factors including learning to self-sustain themselves and gaining a new form of confidence.

She’s an ambassador for global tour operator Contiki and Solo Female Travel Network, inspiring others to take advantage of the time they have now and live through experiences. Besides traveling, some of her other passions include writing and content creating. Sonia plans to continue on the path of holding an international career in travel and hospitality while living in different countries. With her extroverted and gregarious nature, she loves to take risks and push boundaries outside her comfort zone.


Social media links/email:

Email: anandsonia745@gmail.com

Connect with her on Instagram: @sonia.ambika 

Check out her Travel Blog detailing her travel experiences, food guides, and reviews: https://solotravelingsonia.com/ 

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