Lavender Fields in Isparta, Turkey

Last Updated on August 3, 2022

Kuyucak Lavender Fields

When you think of vast fields covered in fragrant lavender, Kuyucak, located 30 minutes away from Isparta, may not be the first place that comes to mind. Kuyucak is a small village famous for their roses and lavender fields, producing a large supply of rose and lavender products which are sold nationwide. While many tourists opt for historical sites or one of Turkey’s many beaches along the Mediterranean, few have discovered this hidden gem and its lack of notoriety means you’ll have the place virtually to yourself.

Kuyucak is sprawling with dozens of lavender fields and even cafes. Each cafe owns a lavender patch and sells numerous products, and may offer light meals such as gözleme (a stuffed turnover pastry), and even lavender ice cream! If you’re passionate about photography, you’ll find props to take pictures with, such as swings, lanterns, bikes, and tractors. 


Two of the best ways to reach Kuyucak is by renting a car or using a regional bus from Antalya’s otogar (bus terminal). While renting a car will cost a bit more money, you’ll certainly get there faster. However, if you go by bus you will also save yourself a hefty sum! I took the bus from Antalya to Isparta, and then a taxi from Isparta to Kuyucak. This route took about 3.5 hours total when leaving Antalya at 9:30am. 

When to Visit

Depending on what you want to see, late spring & early summer are the best times to visit.  The lavender fields bloom at the end of June and are available for travelers to visit for about a month through the end of July. Towards the end of July and in August, lavender is then harvested. If you visit in May, you will find roses blossoming. Visiting in late June, you’ll find the stunning purple hue is showcased everywhere and the weather is often hot and sunny which makes the colors even more vibrant. 

Where to Go

There are many cafes to choose from, but I had a positive experience at Lavanta Garden Cafe. The friendly staff members let you try their high-quality products, including their lavender body lotion. They were also a good source of information about the site. Lavanta Garden Cafe began their business in 2018 with a few lavender products on a table available for sale in their village. A year later, they opened their storefront in 2019.  They specialize in making their own lavender water, oil, and rose water. They extract it from the plants to create the final product. Visit Kuyucak and experience what this village has to offer. It’s a place we recommend for flower lovers and first-time lavender field goers. 

-By Sonia Anand


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