Gözleme: Turkish “Crêpes”

Last Updated on July 19, 2022

Gözleme (GURZ-leh-MEH), a village dish made of flat lavaş(lah-VAHSH) bread folded over various ingredients then baked on a griddle, has been—like böreka popular light meal for centuries in Turkey.

The rage for “authentic Turkish cuisine” has now brought it to the cities, where several restaurants specialize in making it.

In most, a cook sits at a low table in full view of diners, rolling out the dough with a broomstick-handle-thin rolling pin, then spreads the nearly one-meter-diameter rounds of paper-thin dough on a circular griddle to bake.

If left to bake alone, the dough becomes lavaş.

For gözlemeingredients are spread atop the bread and it is folded over them.

You can order gözleme:

ıspanaklı = with spinach
 = with everything
kaşar peynirli
 = with yellow cow’s milk cheese
katmer = plain
= with ground lamb
 = with mashed potatoes
peynirli = with white sheep’s milk cheese (feta)

A good place for gözleme is wherever you see women making it which, these days, is not uncommon.

—by Tom Brosnahan

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