Suluada Island, Turkey Guide

Last Updated on August 7, 2022

Are you obsessed with pristine beaches, islands, and the sea? Then check out the picturesque island of Suluada, a hidden gem off the coast of Adrasan. It’s a dreamy spot featuring crystal clear waters that are perfect for swimming, snorkeling, and cooling off from the sun’s rays. An interesting fact: it’s an uninhabited destination meaning there are no hotels, shops, or facilities. Because of this, visiting Suluada is marvelous day trip to take from other parts of Turkey’s Mediterranean coast such as Antalya, and Adrasan. This picturesque island is 101km (63 miles) from Antalya and 18km (11 miles) from Adrasan.

Booking Your Boat Tour

Because Suluada is very close to Adrasan, all of the boats depart from Adrasan Bay (Adrasan Koyu) and arrive in Suluada roughly 30 minutes later. However, tours that depart from Antalya leave at 7:00 am and travel two hours to Adrasan for the boat trip. If you’re planning to visit Suluada from Antalya, it’ll be an extra long day. Because of this, we recommend spending a night or two to discover the village of Adrasan and visiting Suluada Beach from there to save yourself travel time.

While it’s good to book your boat tour ahead of time, it’s not necessary. You can show up before 9:50 am and check to see which boats aren’t full and pay the captain once you board. The tour consists of visiting various parts of the island with lunch, drinks, and snacks included.

What’s Included

Each boat tour includes meals, drinks, and visiting multiple unique areas of the island for at least an hour each to get the full experience. Lunch consists of freshly made fish, a light salad, and delicious pasta alongside cold water and flavored sodas. Additionally, guests are offered a nice snack consisting of Turkish tea and biscuits. Towards the end of the day, you’re given some delicious fruit salad before the boat docks back at Adrasan Sahili (Beach).

Every boat has an indoor area for eating, an outside lounge area for sunbathing, and a rooftop deck where you can mingle with other travelers. If you’re not a great swimmer, the boats have pool noodles and life jackets to help you feel more comfortable in the water. However, if you’re keen on snorkeling to catch a glimpse of the sea life like small fish, you’ll need to bring your own goggles and snorkeling equipment. Additionally, don’t forget to bring your own towel, a change of clothes (if you wish) and a swim cover-up! 

If you’re looking to explore hidden gems along the Turkish Coast, Suluada Island is a destination you cannot miss. It’s one of the best day trips we recommend for a memorable time in the Mediterranean sea and you’ll be amazed by the crystal clear waters surrounding the place. 


-By Sonia Anand

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