Auto Insurance in Turkey

Last Updated on April 30, 2019

Insurance can be a big part of car rental costs in Turkey, and can cost you even more if you don’t have it:


If you hit another car, you’re liable for the damage. More…


If your rental car is broken into, or stolen, or damaged by a hit-and-run driver, or you bash into a rock, you’ll need collision insuranceMore…

LFC (Tire, Glass, Headlights)

Tires, glass (ie, windshield and other windows, and headlights) may not be covered by collision insurance. More…

Personal Accident Insurance

For medical bills. You may already be covered, but check anyway. More…

Theft Insurance

Some car rental companies do not include theft of the rented vehicle in their Collision coverage. You must pay extra (around US$7 per day) if you want this coverage.

Don’t let all this talk of disaster alarm you. Most people who drive in Turkey have no problems, and never need the insurance they’ve paid for. But for some perils, it may not be wise to self-insure.

Drive safely!

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