Car Hire/Rental in Turkey

Last Updated on February 23, 2023

It costs a minimum of $30 per day to rent a car in Turkey when all expenses are included.

This is for the cheapest hire car at the lowest-priced agency: standard (manual) transmission ("stick shift"), but with most additional charges such as insurancefuel, taxes, tolls and parking included. Larger agencies with offices in many cities and resorts, better cars and service, may cost more. (Check prices here.)

Rental Cars in Turkey

Important note: on some Turkish expressways and bridges you must pay tolls, and you cannot do it with cash! You must have a transponderMore...

Cars can be hired in most Turkish cities and resorts and reserved onlineSmall local rental companies may have the lowest rates. They may have decent cars adequate for sightseeing in the immediate area, but if you wander farther afield you may want the security of a larger company with multiple offices and larger staff. If you have a mishap or breakdown, a larger company will be able to come to your aid more quickly and expertly.

Turkish rental cars tend to be smaller European and Asian models with standard (manual) transmission, air conditioning and sound system. They're usually described as "5-passenger" cars, but five adults do not ride comfortably for long distances; rather, they're good for two to four adults, or two adults and one or two children, and not a lot of luggage. Their small engines make hauling four adults and their luggage a slow process. More expensive cars are larger, more comfortable and more powerful. Here's how to choose the car that's right for you.

Child safety seats are often available (for a fee), but you should reserve yours in advance to make sure it's there for you.

Advertised rental rates, including most liability and collision insurance, but when fuel, tax and other costs are added, the price nearly doubles.

The actual price depends on the season of the year, the rental location, the rental agency, the type and condition of the car, the length of the rental period, and the type of insurance you purchase. (Check prices here.)

If you ask that the car be delivered to a town or place in which the rental company does not have an office, you may be charged a delivery fee from the company's nearest office to the delivery point). Likewise, if you do not return the car to the same office at which you rented it, you may be charged a transfer fee.

Should you rent a car? Compare relative costs of transport in Turkey.

Turkey has been lowering its traffic accident rate, but highway safety is still a consideration when you decide whether or not to travel by road.


—Tom Brosnahan

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