Car Rental/Hire Costs in Turkey

Last Updated on July 5, 2022

Daily rental fees (including some insurance) average 500TL and up, but there may be extra charges.

Also, fuel is a major part of your cost

Rental car fuel costs per km (approximate):

1 liter kurşunsuz benzin (95-octane unleaded gasoline/petrol): 27TL

(1 US gallon = 3.7853 liters)
(1 UK Imperial gallon = 4.546 liters)

100 km (62.14 miles)(@ 12 km/liter): 225TL


You may be able to cut your fuel cost considerably by renting a car that runs on eurodiesel (ultra-low-sulfur diesel fuel) as these cars are capable of higher fuel efficiency than gasoline/petrol-powered cars.


If your daily per-person travel budget is...



1000+ TL

It's economical to rent a car if you're traveling with...

3 or 4 persons

2 or 3 persons

One or more persons

In general, it's cheaper and more comfortable to travel long distances (over 800 km/500 miles) by planebus or trainCompare relative costs of transport in Turkey.

Plan to rent cars only for defined local or regional itineraries (ie, driving around to see the sights) in areas with sparse public transport.

So instead of renting a car to drive from Istanbul to Cappadocia, go by public transport, then rent a car in Cappadocia (where public transport is relatively limited) to see the sights.

However, if you're going from Istanbul to Ankara, go there by public transport and also plan to get around in Ankara by public transport because driving in this big city is difficult and confusing, and parking is a big problem.

If your need for a car is limited to a day or so, consider hiring a taxi instead of driving yourself. Most cities, towns and resorts have taxi groups with set rates for such services as sightseeing tours and point-to-point trips. The cost may be similar to that for a rental car, but without the paperwork, insurance risk, or stress of driving in an unfamiliar car in an unfamiliar country.

—Tom Brosnahan

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