Bus Travel Costs in Turkey

Last Updated on January 8, 2024


Traveling by a comfortable, modern bus in Turkey is the most convenient and budget-friendly option one has when traveling from one destination to another. 

There are one, and sometimes multiple, bus terminals in Turkish cities with various bus routes and bus companies connecting each corner of the country. 

Here are routes, fares, and travel times from Istanbul to other cities.

Bus Fares in Turkey

Bus tickets in Turkey are affordable and the perfect way to save money when traveling, generally half the price of plane tickets and somewhat similar to train tickets. If you are traveling for longer than 8 hours, we recommend using overnight buses to take advantage of nighttime to rest while transiting.

Keep in mind, bus ticket fares will differ in price depending on the distance you will be traveling as well as the bus travel company that you choose. Moreover, due to fluctuating prices it is difficult to give a fixed price. On average you might expect to pay 5 dollars for short-distance tickets and around 15 dollars for longer-distance tickets. 

Here’s how to buy bus tickets in Turkey.

Inter-city bus fares vary by company, route, and even, in some cases, day of the week and month. As a general rule, expect to pay more than usual during the public holidays in Turkey, such as the Ramadan Holiday or the Feast of Sacrifice

Also, reputable bus firms with more luxurious buses may cost more than other bus companies. While the difference between firms will be manageable, we recommend using a reputable company while traveling in Turkey to avoid disruptions as much as possible.

Discounts are sometimes offered for round-trip/return travel, children, special promotions, and tickets purchased from the bus company’s website. 

Here are the major bus companies, some of which have websites with schedules and fares.

Discover Turkey by Bus

Using a bus to travel around Turkey can be the most convenient way of saving money. Turkish bus firms are reputable for what they offer, and roads connect most destinations in the country. 

Also, finding an affordable ticket is easy with the abundance of bus companies and routes in Turkey. Nevertheless, we recommend paying extra and using only reputable firms. 

—by Tom Brosnahan, updated by Can Turan

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