How to Buy Bus Tickets in Turkey

Last Updated on June 28, 2023

Navigating the scenic landscapes and bustling cities of Turkey often necessitates the use of public transportation, and one of the most common and affordable means to do so is by bus. Buying bus tickets in Turkey, therefore, becomes an essential skill for any traveler or resident looking to traverse the country. 

There are a number of bus companies to choose from that offer a variety of departures and bus routes. For most destinations, it is not necessary to buy your ticket in advance. In fact, in major cities and when going to or from popular tourist destinations, it's often possible to just go to the bus terminal on the day you want to travel, buy a ticket, and board the next bus.

The exception to this is national and Islamic holidays, and special events. It can be difficult to find bus tickets during holiday times, or when there are important special events or festivals (such as Istanbul's Formula 1 Grand Prix races). Ticket prices can be higher and some routes might be completely unavailable for a day or two if you wait till the last minute.

Purchasing a Bus Ticket

If you're in Turkey, ask your hotel to telephone a good bus company and reserve your seat a day or two before you plan to travel. You then go to the bus terminal in advance and pick up your ticket. This way, you'll have a better chance of getting the seat you want (front, middle; sunny side, shady side) on the departure that's most convenient for you. 

Note that when selecting a seat, you may be asked for your gender and you will be able to see the gender of the passengers who have already selected a seat. This is to allow passengers to sit next to someone of the same gender which may provide for a more comfortable experience for those who prefer it.

Buying Bus Tickets Online

If you're not in Turkey, some of the major bus companies have online ticket reservations systems, but in general many of the bus websites can be challenging non-Turkish-speaking foreigners to use. It can be helpful to install a translation extension or search for a flag or a button to change the language at the top of the page. Some companies also may not accept foreign cards. 

There are also applications and such to get bus tickets online such Obilet, but you may only be able to access this site from within the country, though you may have some luck with a VPN.

Buying Bus Tickets at Travel Agencies

What about travel agencies? Few of them will agree to make bus reservations for you, because it is typically not a profitable venture. If you use a Turkish travel agency to reserve numerous other services for you (hotels, car rentals, flights, tours, guides, etc.), it is possible that they may be able to make arrangements for you as part of a larger tour package.

If you ask for bus tickets, you should also consider reserving other services, such as hotels and tours, through the same agency.

Taking a bus in Turkey is a convenient, comfortable, and cost-effective way to travel. With an extensive network of routes, modern buses, flexible schedules, and various booking options, exploring Turkey has never been easier.

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