Bus Routes from Istanbul, Turkey

Popular destinations served from Istanbul‘s Büyük Otogar (Main Bus Terminal). Many are also served from the Harem Otogar on the Asian shoreof the Bosphorus. Balkan and eastern European country routes are also served from the Emniyet Garajı.

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Here’s how to buy bus tickets in Turkey.

Ticket office numbers in boldface indicate large national companies, which may have better service. Click on a number for details. Click here for maps of Istanbul & Region.

If a destination has many numbers, there is frequent service from Istanbul, and you can usually find a bus and a seat easily during daylight hours without a reservation, except at the busiest holiday times. Here are Turkey’s major bus companies.

Other pages have info on buses from Istanbul to GreeceBulgaria & the Balkans, and Europe.

City & Trip TimeFaresKm/Mi
Adana – 14 hrTL90-TL110966 km/600 mi
Alanya – 13 hrTL100-TL130815 km/506 mi
Ankara – 6 hrTL65-TL80466 km/290 mi
Antakya – 15 hrTL100-TL1201133 km/704 mi
Antalya – 11 hrTL100-TL120713 km/443 mi
Ayvalık – 7 hrTL85-TL95450 km/280 mi
Bodrum – 11 hrTL115-TL130820 km/510 mi
Bursa(Osmangazi Br.)-3 hrTL40-TL55170 km/106 mi
Çanakkale – 4 hrTL50-TL70303 km/188 mi
Cappadocia – 11 hr (details)TL90-TL120730 km/454 mi
Denizli (Pamukkale) – 10 hrTL95-TL115665 km/413 mi
Diyarbakır – 21 hrTL140-TL1601453 km/903 mi
Edirne – 4 hrTL35-TL55272 km/169 mi
Ephesus (Selçuk) – 10 hrTL110-TL125560 km/348 mi
Erzurum – 24 hrTL110-TL1301275 km/792 mi
Fethiye – 12 hrTL110-TL125793 km/493 mi
Gaziantep – 16 hrTL105-TL1251140 km/708 mi
Göreme(Cappadocia)-10 hrTL100-TL125735 km/457 mi
İzmir – 9 hrTL85-TL105610 km/379 mi
Kaş & Kalkan – 12-14 hrTL125-TL140910 km/565 mi
Kayseri – 11 hrTL95-TL115779 km/484 mi
Konya – 10 hrTL105-TL125726 km/451 mi
Kuşadası – 9 hrTL100-TL125555 km/345 mi
Marmaris – 11 hrTL115-TL140740 km/460 mi
Nevşehir – 9 hr (details)TL95-TL120729 km/453 mi
Olimpos – 12 hrTL115-TL130790 km/491 mi
Pamukkale – 10 hrTL95-TL115640 km/398 mi
Şanlıurfa – 18 hrTL110-TL1301342 km/834 mi
Side – 12 hrTL100-TL130760 km/472 mi
Trabzon – 16 hrTL115-TL1351110 km/690 mi

—Tom Brosnahan

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