Emniyet Garajı Bus Terminal

Istanbul‘s Emniyet Garajı bus terminal, at the southern end of Abdullah Çavuş Sokak southwest of Aksaray Square in Old Istanbul (map), serves buses taking passengers and freight to Balkan countries (Albania, Bulgaria, Kosovo, Macedonia, Romania), and also to the eastern Black Sea countries of Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia.

The big operator here is Vardar Turizm, with buses going to Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Germany, Georgia, Hungary, Iraq, Iran, Macedonia, Poland, Romania and Syria.

Other destinations and companies include:

Alpar Turizm

Ast Turizm, Emniyet, Kesebirler

Alpar Turizm

Nişikli Turizm, Vardar Turizm

Ast Turizm, Aybaki Tur, Golden Turizm, Mahmut Turizm, Mahmudoğlu Turizm, Metro Turizm, Nugo Turizm

Alpar Turizm

Alpar Turizm

Alpar Turizm

Nişikli Turizm, Ortadoğu Turizm/Perla Trans, Özlem Turizm, Star Turizm, Troy Turizm, Vardar Turizm

See the page on buses to/from the Balkans for more information on some of these companies.

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—Tom Brosnahan

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