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Last Updated on May 2, 2019

What’s the cheapest way to travel in Turkey? Busrental car, train or plane?

These estimates are in Turkish Liras. (Exchange rates).

Route Km Bus Car* Train Plane
IstanbulEphesus 600 TL85-95 TL300 TL74‡‡ TL60-275
IstanbulBodrum 795 TL100-125 TL398 TL60-275
IstanbulAntalya 720 TL100-125 TL360 TL155-300
IstanbulAnkara 455 TL70-90 TL228 TL70 TL60-350
IstanbulCappadocia 720 TL90-115 TL360 TL60-350
Ephesus-Pamukkale 210 TL30-50 TL105 TL15
PamukkaleAntalya 245 TL60-65 TL123 TL200-400
EphesusAntalya 400 TL55-60 TL200 TL165-500
Pamukkale-Konya 405 TL55-70 TL203
Pamukkale-Cappadocia 610 TL65-80 TL305 TL220-500
AntalyaCappadocia 530 TL70-90 TL265 TL80-500


*CARFuel only! (@12 km/TL6/liter of unleaded 95-octane gasoline). Add highway tolls (if any), daily rental and return charges.

Turkish State Railways logo

Turkish State Railways logo…

TRAIN: Express train seat in the best train on the route; sleeping car/couchette charges are not included.

‡‡Istanbul-Ephesus fare includes İDO fast ferry Istanbul-BandırmaTCDD trains Bandırma-İzmir and İzmir-Selçuk.

†PLANE: One-way coach fare to nearest airport, tickets bought in Turkey or through a Turkish travel agency. Airfares vary greatly according to season, demand, promotions, etc. The fares given are guidelines only. Add ground transport costs (which can be considerable).

Lower fares are usually for tickets bought well in advance on Anadolu JetOnur AirPegasus AirlinesSun Express, etc. Higher fares are for the last seats available in times of high demand. Turkish Airlines tickets tend to be somewhat more expensive, for higher-quality service.

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