Extra Car Rental Fees in Turkey

Last Updated on April 20, 2022

The daily rental fee and Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) are the costs we look most closely at, but other fees and taxes can increase the cost of car rental substantially. Keep these in mind:

Additional Insurance

Besides CDW there's PAILFC and TheftMore....

Additional Driver

You may have to pay a fee of around TL8 for an additional driver to be listed on the insurance documents.

Toll Transponder

Some rental agencies charge a fee for use of a toll transponder or toll stickerrequired for driving on Turkey's Otoyols (toll highways). The fee may be about EUR3.50 per day or EUR24 per week. This is in addition to the tolls charged to the transponder.

If you do not plan to travel on otoyols, you can avoid this fee. Plan your route and see if it is preferable to travel on otoyols. In Cappadocia, you probably won't need the transponder. Traveling between İzmir's Adnan Menderes Airport and SelçukEphesusŞirince and/or Kuşadası, the otoyol is faster, but you can avoid tolls by following the older D550 highwayMore...

Child Safety Seat

The larger rental companies should have these available at an additional fee (perhaps as much as TL15 per day. Reserve yours in advance just to be sure.


You may choose to rent a Global Positioning System (GPS) device from the car rental company—or you may bring your own, or use your smartphone. More...

Mobile Wifi

If your rental company provides a mobile Wifi Internet device, you will probably have to pay a daily fee for its use.

Delivery/Return Fee

If you do not return your car to the point where you picked it up, you may have to pay a delivery fee of around US$0.38 per kilometer (US$0.62 per mile) for the distance from the company office to the point of pick-up. This can add up to a substantial charge.

If you drive from Cappadocia to Ephesus, a distance of about 800 km (497 miles) (here's an itinerary), the "transfer fee" to return the car to its point of origin in Cappadocia might be as much as US$300.

Consider the cost of fuel when deciding whether to rent- here, return-there. It may be cheaper to pay the transfer/return fee rather than to drive the car back yourself when you consider the cost of fuel, and rental and insurance charges for the time it takes you to drive the car back. Or, if there are three or more travelers sharing the rental car, it may be chaper to drive than to take alternative means of transport. More...

—by Tom Brosnahan

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