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Last Updated on April 24, 2019

LFC (for Lastik, Cam, Far Sigortası) is the Turkish abbreviation for “Tire, Glass, Headlight Insurance.”

By far the most common damage to cars in Turkey is from stones thrown up by other cars, or shaken from trucks. It’s happened to me a few times: a car passes at high speed, kicks up stones along the edge of the highway, stones are only going about 10 miles per hour as they hang in the air but you (and your windshield and headlights) are going 50 miles per hour….

Bash! Glass breaks. No tragedy, but no fun either.

Surprisingly, damage to tires, windshield, windows, headlights and other auto glass is often not covered in standard Turkish collision insurance.

Replacement windshields (windscreens) and headlights (-lamps) may be cheaper in Turkey than they’d be in your home country–at least in Australia, Europe or North America–, so you may simply decide you’ll have any damage repaired before you return the car to the renter.

I’ve done this for a cracked headlight, which is more common than a cracked windshield. The headlight cost a modest amount (compared to what I might have paid in the USA) and the guy who sold it to me installed it for free.

Of course, if I hadn’t been following so closely, or going so fast, etc…. But really, sometimes a flying stone ISunavoidable.

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