Airfares & Flight Costs in Turkey

Last Updated on May 2, 2019

First thing to know: if you buy a ticket for a domestic flight from a travel agency outside of Turkey, it will cost more—perhaps twice as much!—than if you were to buy it when you are in Turkey, or from a ticket sales or travel agent who is in Turkey.

What to do if you want to buy your domestic flight tickets before you arrive in Turkey? Simple: buy your ticket through a travel agency in Turkey!

You can buy your ticket in advance, pay by credit card, and receive an e-ticket by email. Click here for good travel agencies.

Turkish Airlines has flights among major cities which are convenient for longer distancesOnur AirAnadolu JetAtlasJet and Pegasus Air fares may be lower, but schedules and service may not be as favorable as on Turkish Airlines.

See also Major Airports and Airport/City Codes.

Important! Be sure to figure the cost of airport transfers into your trip budget. Transfers from some airports to some destinations can be expensiveMore…

Turkish Airlines‘ major hub is Istanbul’s Atatürk Airport. Nonstop flights between Istanbul and other Turkish cities have the best fares.

To fly from a smaller city (IzmirAntalya) to another smaller city (Kayseri/CappadociaAdana) you may have to fly to the Istanbul hub and take a connecting flight, which raises the price of your itinerary about 30%.

Should you fly?

If your daily per-person travel budget is… Consider flying if the distance is more than…
€30 to €60 750 miles (1200 km)
€60 to €100 500 miles (800 km)
€100+ 200 miles (300 km)

See also costs for airport transfersbus travelcar traveland train travel.

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