Your Honeymoon in Turkey

My wife and I went to Turkey on our honeymoon and we loved it!

My wife loved it even though she flew home alone because I had to stay on and write yet another travel guidebook. (The whole story is in my humorous travel memoir, Turkey: Bright Sun, Strong Tea.)

(Believe it or not, we’re still happily married!)

Why Turkey for your honeymoon?

Anthony met Cleopatra at Side on Turkey’s Mediterranean coast for a romantic interlude.

—Then he gave the Egyptian queen her own private Turquoise Coast beach covered with sand shipped in from Egypt so she wouldn’t feel homesick.

That was then, this is now: great beaches and resorts, private yacht cruises, excellent restaurants, lively cafe life, world-class museums (many in castles and palaces), and of course top-class hotels everywhere.

Want to see if the moon will shine on your honeymoon in Turkey? Here’s a moon calendar!

Several of my recommended travel agencies specialize in wedding and honeymoon travel and can make your trip perfect:

Travel Atelier

The premier wedding and honeymoon agency in Turkey, they operate TurkeyWeddings.com, a website dedicated to answering your questions about planning your wedding and honeymoon in Turkey. They are especially good at helping with the wedding legal paperwork, and they make any and all travel and wedding arrangements you may desire, anywhere in Turkey, from photographers to make-up artists, flights to yachts, and all catering. More…

Argeus Tourism & Travel

With great experience in organizing events big and small, Argeus’s talented staff will give your plans personal attention, whether you’re coming as a couple or with 100 or more guests. More…

Turkish Heritage Travel

Specializing in offbeat weddings and honeymoons, especially in Cappadocia, Turkish Heritage will intrigue you with its offerings. Henna party? Village-style wedding? Let them arrange it for you. More…

—by Tom Brosnahan


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