Trip Cancellation Insurance

Last Updated on April 25, 2019

A trip can be an expensive investment. You may pay thousands of dollars or pounds or euros for services such as flights, hotels, resorts, tours, guides, cars.

What if, all of a sudden, you must cancel, or come home early?

It could be an illness or death in the family, or some other crisis. Or such an unfortunate event could happen during your trip, forcing you to cancel the remainder, forfeit the services you’ve paid for, and return home early (which can be quite expensive in itself).

If you must return under medical supervision, the cost can be absolutely breathtaking.

For most travelers, this is not an issue. We feel healthy, most of our family is healthy, our affairs are in order, so we’re willing to run the small risk. Perhaps most of the costs we’ve incurred are refundable or transferrable. We’ll self-insure, thanks!

But for others, perhaps with an unpredictable medical issue, or a weakness in the family, the price for insurance against unpredictable cancellation or interruption may be worth the peace of mind.

Trip cancellation policies often cover such related perils as trip interruption or delay, emergency medical needs abroad, missed airline connections (think of it—they can be expensive!), lost baggage, and even evacuation/repatriation (as when a military, political or natural event such as a flood or earthquake forces you to return home early.)

United Kingdom & Europe: contact JS Insurance for coverage of trip cancellation, medicalmobile phone, computer, scuba diving and other travel insurance.

USA: contact InsureMyTrip.com for no-obligation price quotes on all sorts of policies.

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